October 10, 2017

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September 12, 2017  :  Monthly Meeting


The first monthly meeting of Tokyo Founding Chapter was held at KKR Hotel Tokyo on Tuesday, September 12, 2017. Ms. Ishii, the President of Tokyo Founding Chapter of Ikebana International gave an opening speech for this coming year. After the introduction of our distingushed guests and new members, the Treasurer's report for 2016 and the budget for 2017、the Standing Committee Chairpersons and Special Committee were announced.
We throughly enjoyed the demonstration given by Mrs. Misako Yoneyama, Associate Professor of Council of Ohara Professors. The theme for demonstration was 'The Tale of Lotus”. She created three flower arrangements by combing precious lotus flowers, buds, seeds, leaves and withered leaves.
After this demonstration, Mrs. Rahel Zewdie Sleeuwagen, the wife of the Belgian Ambassador to Japan, the I. I. Fair Chairperson, gave an address. Ms. Katano, the I. I. Fair coordinator, explained about the Fair which will take place on December 4 at the Royal Park Hotel Nihonbashi and introduced the committee chairperson of the Fair.
The meeting was great success with 332 attendants.

今年度のフェア―は2017年度12月4日、日本橋ロイヤルパークホテルで開催されます。デモの後、 I.I Fair委員長の駐日ベルギー王国大使夫人、ラヘル・ゼウディー様のご挨拶、片野フェアコーデネーターのフェア―の紹介と役員の紹介を致しました。9月例会は、322名のご参加を頂き、大盛況のうちに、閉会することができました。


June 15, 2017  :  June Gala Luncheon


Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, Ikebana International Honorary President, honored us with her presence at our June Gala Luncheon at Imperial Hotel Tokyo. Ms. Senko Ikenobo, Headmaster Designate of Ikenobo, gave us an Ikenbana demonstration on the theme, "水 Water".
The ceremony for appreciation to retiring officers and installation of new officers was conducted, and the members enjoyed this year's last monthly meeting.

高円宮妃久子殿下ご臨席のもと、昼食会を帝国ホテルに於いて開催いたしました。池坊次期家元、池坊専好先生が「水 Water」というテーマでお話とデモンストレーションをご披露してくださいました。


May 24, 2017  :  Monthly Meeting / TFC Annual General Meeting


TFC's Annual General Meeting was held at Tokyo American Club. Following the annual report by the TFC president and the financial report by the treasurer, names of the newly elected directors for 2017-2018 were announced by the nominating director and approved by the attendees.
On the same day, White Elephant Sale was opened and prospered.
In the second session, Ryuseiha's demonstration was performed by three instructors, Ms.YUASA Keiko, Ms. HAGIWARA Meiho and Ms.CHIBA Kasui. At first, each instructor made individual work. Then those three pieces were merged into one to complete a joint work. Finally they produced a big work covering full stage with bamboos of over 3 meters long.



April 25, 2017  :  Special Program


Special Program 2017 was held on April 25 with solo cello concert by inviting Ms. Mari Endo, one of the most promising cellists. She was a player of the theme tune for 'Ryomaden-kiko' of NHK period drama in 2010. This time, she played five pieces of music including this theme tune. After the wonderful performance, we enjoyed French cuisine overlooking the greenery of the Imperial Palace from the 10th floor of KKR Hotel Tokyo..



March 3, 2017  :  Monthly Meeting / TFC Members' Exihibition


TFC members’Ikebana Exhibition was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar in Japan on March 3. 2017. 61 TFC members participated in this event.
The Ikebana International President Junko Katano and Ms. Yuko Kishida visited this exhibition. The ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted by Ms. Rosette Lalatiana RASOAMANARIVO, Ms. Yuko Kishida and TFC President Ms. Noriko Kira to celebrate the opening of the Exhibition.
Many guests visited the Embassy and enjoyed the Ikebana Exhibition. The visitors also enjoyed shopping various indigenous products of Madagascar such as Vanilla Sticks and handicrafts.
The success of this exhibition owes much to Ms. Rosette Lalatiana RASOAMANARIVO, Charge d’ Affaires of Madagascar Embassy devoted cooperation.

TFC会員によるいけばな展が3月3日に、ラソアマナリヴォ ロゼット ララティアナ 代理大使の御計らいで、マダカスカル大使館で開催されました。TFC会員61名が参加しました。片野順子いけばなインターナショナル会長及び、岸田裕子外務大臣夫人が来賓されました。ラソアマナリヴォ ロゼット ララティアナ、マダカスカル代理大使、岸田裕子外務大臣夫人、吉良紀子東京支部長によりテープカットがされました。
沢山のゲストの皆様に大使館にお越し頂き、多くのいけばなを御覧頂きました。また、マダカスカル産のバニラビーンズやハンディークラフトグッズのお買い物を楽しまれました。いけばな展は、ラソアマナリヴォ ロゼット ララティアナ代理大使の御厚意により、成功裡に終わりました。


February 22, 2017  :  Welcome Tea Party for New Members


Welcome tea party for new members of Ikebana International Tokyo was held on February 22. 18 people joined I.I. in 2017. Out of which 17 new members participated in the party. New members were very interested in the demonstration of various Ikebana schools. Some of them wished to become committee member.
Using some panels, history of I.I. was explained. Year Book was distributed to each new member, and annual activities were introduced to them.
Ms. Kaeko Kasuga who is a board member gave ikebana demonstration with some tulips. Those tulips were presented to new members as gift.

2月22日にI.I.東京支部の新メンバーの歓迎会が行われました。2017年度は18名が入会されました。入会の動機は、月例会のデモンストレーションへの関心が高く、I.I.のコミティ メンバーとしてお伝いを申し出る会員様もいらっしゃいました。ボードを使って、東京支部の成り立ちが説明されました。また、イヤーブックが新入会員に配布され、東京支部の年間の活動が紹介されました。


February 15, 2017  :  Monthly Meeting


The February Monthly Meeting was held on February 15 at Gukushi-kaikan. Mr. Hiroyuki Kawakami, Associate Professor of C.O.P.(Council of Ohara Professors) gave us a demonstration on the theme, 「Sai ka Shun so」.Performance of Brazilian songs with guitar followed the demonstration. There were over 250 participants including many guests from Ohara School. Mr. Kawakami arranged magnificently blossoms and plums that remind of the arrival of spring with Jingdezhen and Venetian glass. Next, we were showed off Landscape Moribana Arrangement that Unshin Ohara who founded the Ohara School created in the late nineteenth century. The final demonstration was Rimpa style ikebana that is representative style of Ohara. Audience looked fascinated Kawakami’s brilliant work as like Rimine style painting. In the second part, Ms.Silvia Sou who is board member danced with vocal of Ms. Gushi and Mr. Takada’s guitar performance in front of Ikebana works.



January 15, 2017  :  New Year's Luncheon 2017


Ikebana International 2017New Year Luncheon was held on Wednesday, January 18 2017, at Palace Hotel Tokyo. The main program was Ikebana Demonstrations using pine, bamboo, and Japanese apricot for New Year by three schools with Koto Music. First, Ikenobo Iemoto Designate, Senko Ikenobo exhibited a traditional style, the theme was“Pine white snow”. Next theme was “Spring Sea”, the dynamic Ikebana using bamboos was fabricated by Iemoto of Ichiyo School, Mr.Akihiro Kasuya. Finally, Iemoto of Ohara School, Mr. Hiroki Ohara arranged the light red Japanese apricot under the theme of“Light red season”. The guests and members enjoyed three schools’ Ikebana demonstrations and the performance of Koto by Ms.Fuyuki Enokido. In the donation ceremony by TFC, Mme. Chistina Escala, wife of Ambassador of Peru, Ikebana International Fair 2017 Chairperson gave the proceeds from international booths to the reconstruction of Kumamoto earthquake through the Japanese Red Cross Society. Ms. Noriko Kira, president of TFC presented the donations to Japan National Student Association Fund and The Japan Times.

2017年新年会は、パレスホテル東京で1月15日に開催されました。新年会のプログラムは、琴の音色と伴に、三流派による「松・竹・梅」をテーマとしたデモンストレーションでした。最初に「松の白雪」と題して、池坊次期家元 池坊専好先生による伝統的な型が繰り広げられました。次に、一葉式いけ花家元 粕谷明弘先生による竹を花材にした「春の海」が作成されました。最後に、薄紅色の梅から構成された、「薄紅の季節」をテーマとした、作品が小原流家元 小原宏貴先生によって披露されました。 榎戸二幸様による琴の演奏の中、会場の皆様は、三流派の大作を堪能しました。東京支部よる寄付金贈呈式が行われ、2016年フェア委員長、駐日ペルー共和国大使夫人クリスティーナ エスカラ様からのインターナショナルブースの売上金が、日本赤十字社を通して、熊本地震の災害復興のために贈呈され、東京支部は、日本学生協会基金とジャパンタイムズに寄付しました。


January 14, 2017  :  Welfare Project: Coming-of-age Ceremony by the Youth’Welfare Center


The Coming-of-age Ceremony by the Youth’Welfare Center was held on January 14, 2017 at the Hotel Lungwood in Nippori. The TFC president and project members were invited to the Celebration Party. TFC presented bouquet flowers to the youths every year. Then the president of TFC received a letter of appreciation for that achievement. Each of the 16 youths voiced their thanks to the people who had helped them throughout the years as well as expressing their future ambitions. In the second half of the ceremony, a video made by the youths introducing themselves was filled with words of gratitude.



December 5, 2016  :  Ikebana International Fair 2016




The annual I.I.Fair was held at Royal Park Hotel on Monday December 5, under the auspices of Fair Chairperson Cristina Escala, wife of the Ambassador of Peru. Thirty five Ikebana works by Japanese representative school Iemotos were exhibited. The venue, Royal Hall, was occupied by the international booths which twenty three Ambassadors spouses, the I.I. Headquarters, domestic Chapters, and many kinds of enterprises held. We had an entertainment of the Peruvian Folk Dance and Music, followed by the raffle. Towards 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, 「KIMONO PROJECT」 is to express 196 countries with Kimono and Obi (Sash worn with a kimono ). This time, at the fair, Kimono and Obi having a design of Peru’s world heritage was exhibited in the lobby. Finally, the proceeds of the international booth went to the people who were affected by Kumamoto earthquake.

今年も恒例のいけばなインターナショナルフェアが12月5日(月)ロイヤルパークホテルで開催されました。今年度のフェア委員長は駐日ペルー共和国大使夫人クリスティーナ、エスカラ様が務められました。日本を代表する35のいけばなの家元作品が展示されました。ロイヤルホールは、23ヶ国の大使夫人によるインターナショナルブース、いけばなインターナショナル本部、国内支部、そして多種多様の店舗で賑わいました。 ペルーのフォークダンスと音楽に続いて、ワッフルの抽選会が行われました。2020年東京オリンピック、パラリンピックに向けて、196ヶ国を着物と帯で表現する「KIMONO PROJECT」が企画されています。その中でペルーの世界遺産を図案として織り込んだ着物と帯がロビーに展示されました。尚、インターナショナルのブースの収益は、熊本地震の被災者の方々に寄付されました。


November 25, 2016  :  Demonstration and workshop in Tokyo University


Receiving a request from The University of Tokyo International Headquarters international Planning Division, TFC members gave a demonstration and workshop at KAITOKUKAN in Tokyo University Campus to the wives of people coming from ACEAN countries to attend an international conference. First, Mrs.Okawara, the TFC member arranged Moribana using a Kenzann (needle pinholder for flowers) and Nageire using a vase while explaining Ikebana. Secondly, the TFC member Mrs. Silvia exhibited Ikebana free style using a cellophane. After two demonstrations, participants did the workshop with a vase containing an oasis. Although there was a bit of a struggle at first , they arranged their works eagerly, they were able to finish satisfying works. TFC members and participants spent an unforgettable day through Ikebana. We will continue this project as an annual project.



November 17, 2016  :  Monthly Meeting


It was the first time to use the venue of Gakusi Kaikan for Tokyo Founding Chapter Monthly Meeting. As monthly meeting in November, demonstration was held by Ms.Misei Ishikawa, Master Instructor of Sogetsu. The theme was “Encountering Human and Botanical”.
First, she arranged an ikebana artwork with using hiippelicum etc. in lacquered basket. And she used her own container which was made of copper plate, iron, and wood, and arranged an ikebana with using moss and floral materials. With using a unique shape of container made by Teshigawara Hiroshi, late Sogetsu lemoto, she arranged flowers and workpiece of bamboo made by herself which evoke the universe.
Finally, with using huge size of bamboo material again, also flowers and washi (Japanese traditional paper) were incorporated into an amazing ikebana artwork. Putting some wind chimes in the work and letting us (attendees) enjoy also the sound in the ikebana arranging inspired us with new possibilities and a potential of Japanese traditional artwork of Ikebana.

11月の例会は、初めて学士会館を使いました。草月会本部講師 石川己青先生による「出会い(人と花・植物)」をテーマとしたデモンストレーションが、行われました。
最初は漆の籠を花器に見立てて、ヒべリカムなどを活けて頂きました。木(ぼく)に銅板と鋲を打ち付けたオリジナルの花器やケヤキの年輪を組み上げた花器に、苔や花々を活けて下さいました。故勅使河原宏家元の個性的な花器に、宇宙を連想させる手造りの竹ひごのオブジェを使い, 活けて頂きました。


October 13, 2016  :  Monthly Meeting


The ikebana demonstration was given by Ms.kozan Okada,Iemoto of Kozan School of Ikebana. The theme is 'Bringing in Autumn~wild flower & mountain flower'. In BGM of birdsong, she produced two big works, four medium works, and three small works while descripting flowers. Japanese pampas grass, burnet, cosmos, such as staff tree are used abundantly, Aoyama Diamond Hall was filled in the fall of taste.

10月の例会は、「野の花 山の花〜秋をいける」をテーマとした、広山流家元、岡田広山先生のデモンストレーションでした。小鳥のさえずりのBGMの中、家元は花材の説明を交えながら、大作2点、中作4点、小品3点を生けていただきました。薄、吾亦紅、秋桜、蔓梅擬などがふんだんに使われ、青山ダイヤモンドホールは秋の風情に満ち溢れました。


September 15, 2016  :  Monthly Meeting


This year's (for 2016-2017 commencing in September 2016) first monthly gathering was held at Aoyama Diamond Hall on Thursday, September 15th.
The ikebana demonstration was given by Ms. Mitsui Teshigahara, Vice President of Teshigahara Wafu-kai, on the theme, “Flower with Love for Elegance”.
After that, we had a beautiful song performance by Mr. Youki Shimoji a tenor singer. He had sung at the TFC meeting also last year.
The meeting began with a greeting by Mrs. Kira TFC President.
The financial statement(2015) and the budget(2016) were reported by two treasures.
Madam Christina Escala, the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Peru to Japan, Ikebana International Fair 2016 Chairperson, gave a commencing speech.
During the demonstration, Ms. Mitsui Teshigahara was moving actively on the stage , and also giving us a talk of helpful ikebana tips, finally displayed four amazing ikebana works with using a lot of floral materials, which was followed by Mr. Shimoji who sang some nursery rhymes and Aria as well.
In the end, he sang Turandon “Nessun Dorma”whose voice fascinated the all of audience as he did also in the previous times.

例会の最初に, 吉良紀子東京支部長より本年度に向けての挨拶があり、2016 I.I Fair チェアパーソンであるクリスティーナ エスカラ駐日ペルー共和国大使夫人がフェアの開催宣言をされました


June 9, 2016  :  Gala Luncheon


Gala Luncheon, the final event of this year, was held at the New Otani on Thursday June 9. H.I.H. Princess Takamado, Ikebana International Honorary President, and H.I.H. Princess Ayako of Takamado honored us with their presence. Ambassador wives, iemotos, and near three hundred guests from Ohara School, so participants were 500.
First of all, Princess Takamado told about the history and the development of Ikebana International.
Mr. Hiroki Ohara, headmaster of Ohara School of Ikebana, gave us an ikebana demonstration. The theme is “Ryokuin Raisan~In Praise of Verdant Shade”. He entertained with Ohara style, a Bunjin arrangement or Rinpa arrangement, etc. with his explanation.
After the lunch, ceremony was conducted to show appreciation to TFC retiring officers and installation of new officers.

今年度最後の行事である昼食会が6月9日ホテルニューオータニに於いて行われました。今回は、名誉総裁高円宮妃久子殿下と共に絢子女王殿下御臨席のもと、300名近い小原流からのお客様、大使夫人、お家元の方々に出席して頂き500 名近い参加者となりました。


May 18, 2016  :  Monthly Meeting


TFC May Monthly Meeting was held at Aoyama Diamond Hall. The demonstrator was Mr. Mitsumasa Toyoda, Kenobi Ikebana Artist and Instructor. The Demonstration on the theme was “Hana-Kokoro Asobi”. He made gorgeous Ikebana arrangements with a string quartet.
On the same day, TFC Annual General Meeting was held. The financial report and Elected Officers (2016-2017) were approved.



March 30, 2016  :  Special Program at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia


Dr. Dewi L. Mahendra, wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia and Chairperson of the I.I. Fair 2015, held the March Special Program at the residence. She lectured about the great nature and the culture in Indonesia using beautiful slides. Also she prepared some samples of spices to introduce Indonesian food culture.
After the lecture, ladies dressed in the national costume danced. Amongst all, the patio was most impressive, we took pictures. Then, we enjoyed the indigenous Indonesian drinks and cuisines.

3月30日(水)に、フェア2015委員長デウィ ルシアナ イーザ マヘンドラ駐日インドネシア大使夫人主催の三月スペシャルプログラムがインドネシア公邸で行われました。先ずは、大使夫人がスクリーンの映像を使って、インドネシア国の自然、文化、観光名所などを紹介して下さいました。インドネシアの食文化を説明するために、スパイスのサンプルが会場に用意されました。


March 16, 2016  :  Monthly Meeting / TFC 60th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition


Ikebana Exhibition by TFC members for the Commemoration of 60th Anniversary was held at Aoyama Diamond Hall on March 16. 113 participants, including iemotos and people related embassies, displayed their creative work.In the cafe corner, the activities of the TFC displayed throughout the day by the slideshow.Free ikebana lesson workshops were popular, and more than 30 women from diplomatic communities in Japan participated. First, there was a lecture of Ikebana by Mrs. Tsujii Mika of Saga Goryu. After that, three of schools' teachers taught Ikebana each tables.White Elephant sale was very successful. It gained a record profit. We greatly appreciate your kind cooperation.

3月16日(水)青山ダイヤモンドホールにて、いけばなインターナショナル東京支部60周年記念 会員による花展が開催されました。10流派家元、4大使館を含め113名が参加し、賑やかな花展となりました。喫茶コーナーには、スライドショーにより、東京支部の例会の様子が終日上映されました。今回、無料のいけばな体験を企画しました。大使夫人10名を含む30名以上の方が参加されました。最初に嵯峨御流の辻井ミカ様にいけばなの説明をして頂きました。その後、三流派の先生方に各テーブルで指導して頂きました。仕事帰りの方にも来て頂けるように午後7時半までと開催時間を延長しました。今年も「ホワイトエレファントセール」を開催し、記録的な収益をあげる事ができました。ご寄付を頂いた会員の皆様に心から御礼を申し上げます。


March 4, 2016  :  2016 Welcome Tea


2016 Welcome Tea was held at I.I. Office on March 4. Twelve new members participated Meeting opened with International President’s the welcome remark. And Kira, TFC President, explained about TFC activity. The yearbooks of the past three years in order to understand about TFC were given. Ms. Marie Kawai demonstrated traditional Ikebana. After a friendly luncheon, TFC Board members explained the each job description. At the last of this tea party, we took a commemorative photo.



February 16, 2016  :  Monthly Meeting


TFC’s February Monthly Meeting was held on Tuesday, February 16 at Sogetu Hall. The demonstrator was Ms. Bisen Sumide, Master Instructor of Sogetu School. She features in press and actively creates the installations various spaces. The demonstration on the theme was “The Dynamism and Vitality of Plant Materials.”She demonstrated 8 works using cherry, hamamelis japonica, tulip etc. that feel the spring of breath. In the finale light up, it has been showing off the world of the fantastic flower arrangement.

「植物の生命力と躍動感」というテーマで 桜、万作、チューリップなど春の息吹を感じさせる花材によって、ダイナミックな作品を8点披露されました。フィナーレのライトアップでは、幻想的ないけばなの世界を演出されました。


January 26, 2016  :  New Year's Luncheon 2016


New Year Luncheon organized by Headquarters was held on January 26, 2016 at Palace Hotel Tokyo. Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado honored us with presence.
Entertainment was a performance of Hachioji Kuruma-Ningyo Troupe which is a puppet theater founded by Koryu Nishikawa in late Edo period.
There was the presentation ceremony of charity donations raised at TFC Fair 2015.
Fair Chairperson, Dr. Dewi L. Ihza Mahendra, handed the donations to UNICEF Japan and Oxfam Japan, and the TFC President, to the Japan Times and the Japan National Student Association Fund.
Each Chapter introduced their activities. TFC played a Japanese traditional dance, “Shishimai and Daikokusama” in combination with Ikebana performance.

東京支部フェアでの売上金からの寄付贈呈式がおこなわれ、フェア委員長、デウィ ルシアナ イーザー マヘンドラ インドネシア共和国大使夫人からユニセフ.ジャパンとオックスファム.ジャパンに、東京支部支部長からジャパンタイムズと日本学生協会に贈呈されました。
各支部の紹介のコーナーでは東京支部は獅子舞と大黒様を 正月のお花とともに演じました。


December 7, 2015  :  Ikebana International Fair 2015




The annual I.I. Fair was held at Tokyo Prince Hotel on Monday, December 7. H.I.H. Princess Takamado, Ikebana International Honorary President, honored us with her presence at the Fair. Madam Dewi L.lhza Mahendra, the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Japan, was Fair 2015 Chairperson, and Ms.Tamaki Morii was Coordinator. Iemotos of 35 Ikebana schools participated to display Ikebana Exhibition. The embassies of 25 countries, 3 domestic chapters and 4 charitable organizations also participated. There were 26 various shops and TFC member's booths. The proceeds from embassies booths will be donated to UNICEF and Oxfam.
In the afternoon, participants enjoyed the raffle and the entertainment with traditional Indonesian dance.

恒例のI.I.フェアは、I.I.名誉総裁高円宮妃久子殿下の御臨席を賜り,12月7日[月]に東京プリンスホテルで開催されました。デビイ ルシアナ イーサ マヘンドラ駐日インドネシア共和国大使夫人をフェア委員長にお迎えして、森井環コーディネータのもと、35流派のお家元による花展、25か国の大使館、3国内支部、4福祉団体などのバザー、バラエテーに富んだ26の出店、会員による手作りのコーナーなどで華やかな会場となりました。大使館の売上はオックスファムジャパンとユにセフに寄付されます。


November 11, 2015  :  Monthly Meeting


The November Monthly Meeting was held with the demonstration by Ms. Riho Miyamoto, Headmistress of Koryu Toyokai Suibokukatemae, and songs by Mr. Youki Shimoji, the tenor as well as the disciple of Koryu Toyokai Suibokukatemae. The theme of the demonstration was "Shimotsuki no Suibokuka Temae".
Beginning with the talk about SUIBOKUKA by Headmistress, the demonstration was conducted by Mr. Rijo Miyamoto, Headmaster-Designate in a friendly atmosphere. Following the recitation of traditional Japanese poetry by Headmistress, three disciples demonstrated each work while reciting it by turn. This performance called SANKEIDEMAE.
Headmistress and Headmaster-Designate showed us WAKEDEMAE. It combined an elegant movement of Japanese tea ceremony with recitation of traditional Japanese poetry. Along with the last demonstration, Mr. Shimoji sang some Japanese nursery rhymes and Opera. All the attendees were impressed with the great Ikebana works and captivated by the graceful voice.



October 6, 2015  :  Monthly Meeting


The October Monthly Meeting was held at Aoyama Diamond Hall on October 6. The theme was "X" (KAKERU) which meant crossover. Mr. Ryuho Sasaoka, headmaster of Misho-ryu Sasaoka, introduced ikebana performance collaborated with other genre of art. First, he demonstrated ikebana performance with flute performance by Ms. Sayoko Tsuda. After that she played Bach. In the second part, using many slides, Mr. Sasaoka lectured about his activities in Japan and overseas of the collabotation with Kyomai, Noh, tea ceremony, string quartet, gamelan, etc. After the lecture, nomination of Ms. Momoyo Simatani to the 3rd Vice President was approved, then matters on the Ikebana International Fair were announced to TFC members.

テーマは「X(かける)」です。生け花が様々な分野と“かける”ことによって、新たな境地が開拓されてきた、先生のご活躍を紹介していただきました。最初に、未生流笹岡家元 笹岡隆甫先生のいけばなデモンストレーションが、津田佐代子様のフルート演奏と共に行われました。また、津田様のバッハ演奏を楽しみました。第二部では、笹岡隆甫先生が国内外での、花手前(いけばなパフォーマンス)と京舞、能、茶道、弦楽四重奏、ガムランなどとのコラボレーションをスライドを使って、紹介していただきました。先生の公演後、島谷桃代さんが第三副支部長として承認されました。また、2015 フェアに向けて、TFCメンバーにお知らせがありました。


September 14, 2015  :  Monthly Meeting


Under the fine autumn sky, the first monthly meeting of the fiscal year 2015-2016 was held on Monday, September 14, 2015 at Tokyo Women’s Plaza. Starting with the greetings by new TFC president Ms. Noriko Kira, Dr. Dewi L. Ihza MAHENDRA, the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Japan, Ikebana International Fair 2015 Chairperson, gave a commencing speech. The demonstrator was Mr. Naohiro Kasuya, Headmaster Designate of Ichiyo School of Ikebana. He explored his theme of “Utage” through his demonstration. He completed three dynamic works. He symbolized autumnal Full Moon with his creative circle that made from petals of roses and washi.

最初に吉良紀子新支部長の挨拶があり、いけばなインターナショナルフェア2015委員長、駐日インドネシア共和国大使夫人デウィ ルシアナ イーザ マヘンドラ様がフェア旗揚げのスピーチをなさいました。
デモンストレーターは、一葉式いけ花家元嗣 粕谷尚弘先生でした。“宴”というテーマをもとに、大作を三点生けて頂きました。バラの花弁と和紙によって作られた円形のボードで初秋の満月を表現して頂きました。


June 10, 2015  :  June Gala Luncheon


Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, Ikebana International Honorary President, honored us with her presence, and the demonstration by Ms. Akane Teshigahara, Headmistress of Sogetsu School was to be presented at June Gala Luncheon.
The demonstrations by two Master Instructors of the Sogetsu Headquarters, Ms. Koka Fukushima and Ms. Misei Ishikawa, were also to be presented, together with Ms. Akane Teshigahara.
Ms. Akane Teshigahara prepared a glass vase with Clematis of many colors and a large work full of Magnolia grandiflora and Hydrangea. She then created a long line of bamboo strips with which she connected her works to the previously prepared 2 works of Ms. Ishikawa and 3 works of Ms. Fukushima.
Upon the arrival of Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, a special light show highlighting the works was presented for her enjoyment.
It's beauty brought applause from the entire audience.
After a toast by Mme. Maali Siam, the wife of Ambassador of Palestine, all attendants enjoyed delicious meal, our last before the “Heian no Ma”room closes.

いけばなインターナショナル名誉総裁高円宮妃久子殿下のご臨席のもと、草月流 勅使河原茜家元・本部講師 福島光加先生・本部講師 石川己青先生のデモンストレーションと昼食会が今年度最後の行事として多くのお客様をお迎えし盛大に開催されました。
まず石川己青先生が2作、福島光加先生が3作それぞれの先生方の個性あふれるお作品の後に、ガラス花器にいけられたテッセンの色々が映える季節を感じるお作品と床上がりの力強い緑色の中にタイサンボクとアジサイの花が華やかに彩り、竹の青さと割竹で編んだ帯で舞台を『思いをつなぐ』というお家元の言葉を表すように 輝きがつながりました。
その後、昨年のフェア委員長パレスチナ大使夫人のマーリ シアム様の乾杯のご発声のあと 会場いっぱいのお客様はお食事を楽しまれました。


May 15, 2015  :  Monthly Meeting


Program: Ikebana Demonstration by Mr. Keiho Hihara, Head Master of Misho School. On a day full of early summer green, May Monthly Meeting was held at Aoyama Diamond Hall. Mr. Hihara has been making efforts in passing on and promotiong Misho School and has been actively promoting Ikebana, especially in Europe. Three demonstrations consisted of Misho School's traditional‘Kakubana' style, and four of the new ‘Shinka’ style, which the greatly enjoyed.

未生流 肥原慶甫家元のデモンストレーション: 初夏の若葉溢れる日に、5月例会は青山ダイヤモンドホールにて未生流お家元をお迎えし、いけばなのデモンストレーションを開催しました。肥原慶甫家元は次世代へのいけばなの継承に尽力され、特にヨーロッパにてご活躍されております。伝統を重んじ格式のある「格花」3作品と、新しい感覚の工夫を凝らした「新花」4作品をデモンストレーションされました。どれも目を引く美しいお作品で、観客の皆様は楽しまれました。


April 22, 2015  :  Outing Tour


One-day Bus Tour to Miho-no-Matsubara, the World Heritage site, was conducted on April 22. We also visited Surugakokusousha, Shizuokasengen-jinja. All the participants enjoyed the beautiful scenery and delicious Kaiseki lunch. Blessed with good weather, we could see a snow capped Mt. Fuji through the clouds. At Surugakokusousha some of us climbed the hundred-step stairs, and received the blessing of the Kannushi. At Fugetsuro, while having lunch, we listened to stories of Shogun. We also toured the gardens and enjoyed the historical grounds. On the bus we enjoyed eating and drinking Shizuoka products, and returned to Shinjuku relaxed and smiling.

TFCツアー: 世界遺産三保の松原、駿河国総社 静岡浅間神社、徳川慶喜公屋敷跡“浮月楼”で小懐石の昼食、庭園散策の日帰り旅行を開催しました。お天気に恵まれた車窓から雲の位置がちょうど良く雪が少し残った富士山と木々の美しさは見事でした。駿河国総社では百何段かの階段を上り、一部の参加者は神主さんのお祓いも受け新鮮な気分となりました。徳川慶喜公屋敷跡“浮月楼”での昼食は一部屋貸切りで慶喜公にまつわるエピソードなどのお話しを伺い、お食事後は庭園を散策し歴史を満喫しました。バスの車内では梅酒や暖かいお茶と静岡名産のお饅頭などをいただき、TFC行事では久しぶりの「ツアー」は参加者の寛ぎと笑顔で満たされ出発地である新宿に到着しました。


February 20, 2015  :  February Monthly Meeting


Program: Ikebana Demonstration by Mr. Katsuhito Kurata
On a sunny day with the promise of spring, February Monthly Meeting was held at Ikenobo Tokyo Kaikan. Mr. Katsuhito Kurata gave a demonstration of five traditional works and one seasonable modern ikebana in an entertaining atmosphere.
With fluent English he impressed the I.I. members and the guests who attended the Meeting. Following the demonstration announcements were made on the Members’ Exhibition and the White Elephant Sale scheduled on Friday March 13.

プログラム: 池坊中央研修学院講師、倉田克史先生によるデモンストレーション


January 22, 2015  :  New Year's Luncheon 2015


kebana International at Hotel Grand Pacific LE DAIBA, New Year Luncheon by Headquarters was held. The Luncheon was opened by H.I.H. Princess Takamado, and was attended by such personages as the prime minister's wife Akie Abe. Mme. Maali Siam, wife of Ambassador of Palestine and Ikebana International Fair 2014 chairperson, presented a donation to Ken Hayami, executive director of the Japan Committee for UNICEF and Dr. Agnes Chan, UNICEF goodwill ambassador for Japan. Hiroko Abe, president of TFC, presented donations to The Japan Times, Ltd and the Japan National Student Association Fund. “Kagamibiraki”and “Mochituki” were performed on the stage. And each chapter gaveeautiful Ikebana exhibitions and introduced their activities. Everyone enjoyed New Year Luncheon.

I.I.本部主催新年会が開催されました。いけばなインターナショナル名誉総裁高円宮妃久子殿下のご臨席を賜り、安倍昭恵首相夫人はじめ多くのご出席者で盛大に開催されました。東京支部のフェアの売上金からの寄付金贈呈式が行われました。I.I.フェア 2014委員長のパレスチナ大使夫人が日本ユニセフ協会 専務理事 早水研氏と日本ユニセフ協会大使に、東京支部 阿部裕子支部長が日本学生協会(JNSA)基金と(株)ジャパンタイムズにそれぞれ贈呈しました。舞台では鏡開き、餅つきや各支部紹介などが行われ、各支部の花展も開催されました。楽しい時間を過ごしました。


January 16, 2015  :  New Year Violin Concert


On a beautiful sunny day, TFC held its New Year Special Program. Guests were fascinated by a violin concert performed by the renowned violinist Ms. Atsuko Temma, a professor at Toho College of Music. The audience fell silent as the pure sound of the Stradivarius filled the hall. Following the concert there was a delicious French luncheon to complete the day.

新年の輝かしい日差しの差す穏やかな日に TFCの一年の始まりの行事が開催されました。ストラディバリウスを奏でるヴァイオリニスト天満敦子様の素晴らしい演奏を拝聴することが出来ました。静まり返った中でバイオリンの澄み渡った魅力あふれる音色に会場の皆様は耳を傾け、豊かな時間を過ごしました。その後のフランス料理もゆっくりと味わい 新年の希望にあふれる集まりでした。


January 10, 2015  :  Presenting bouquet flowers


TFC presented beautiful bouquet flowers to the 25 youths, who were raised in childcare institutions on the occasion of the Coming-of-Age Day Celebration held by the youths’ Welfare Center on Jan.10th,2015. TFC president and project members were invited to the Celebration Party at the Hotel Lungwood in Nippori, Arakawa. The bouquet flowers were handed to each of the youths and appreciated very much. The project was successful and meaningful.



December 8, 2014  :  Ikebana International Fair 2014




Under a winter sky, Fair 2014 was opened to the warm welcome of large numbers of guests. H.I.H. Princess Takamado honored us with her presence. One of the Fair’s purposes is to aid UNICEF gather donations for the needy worldwide. Mme. Maali Siam, the wife of Ambassador of Palestine, provided energy for the success of the Fair as the Chairperson.
A number of traditional Palestinian fashions were shown during dances and a fashion show as part of the entertainment. In Magnolia Hall, works by Iemotos of 34 different schools were exhibited, while in ‘Ho-Oh-No-Ma’ a bazaar was held including booths from over 30 different embassies and many domestic vendors. Guests had great fun enjoying shopping and raffles.



November 21, 2014  :  November Monthly Meeting


> As Autumn deepens and the trees around Omotesando change color, the November monthly meeting was held on a calm, fine day. Ms. Ami Kudo, Associate Professor of the Council of Ohara Professors, wearing a beautiful kimono in a colored leaves motif, showed four ikebana demonstrations. All the works were gorgeous, and the autumn taste was attractive to the many visitors who filled the meeting place. We received from two I.I. members. According to the approval by all board members, Mrs. Noriko Matsudaira was appointed as Honorary Advisor of I.I. TFC by her longtime contribution to I.I.

秋も深まり、表参道の周りの街路樹も色付き穏やかな日に11月例会が開催されました。紅葉の柄の美しい着物をお召しになった小原流 工藤亜美先生に4点の作品を披露していただきました。どの作品もおおらかで秋の風情が漂い、会場を埋め尽くした多くのお客様を魅了しました。また、お二方からご挨拶をいただきました。永年の.I.I.へのご貢献から松平典子様が、東京支部名誉顧問にご就任いただきました。


October 10, 2014  :  October Monthly Meeting


On October 10th as clear as the Tokyo Olympics 50 years ago, this month’s meeting was held at Tokyo American Club.
Under the theme of “Let the Flower Talk”, Flower Artist Mr. Keita KAWASAKI, the leader of Modern Flower Society, gave five original demonstrations. Explaining in English and Japanese, he showed unique combinations and shapes, such as bamboo and wildflowers, and Cornus alba and orchids.
To the enjoyment of the audience, he made a few bouquets and handed them out.

フラワーアーティスト 川崎景太先生による「花は語る」のテーマのもと、植物の持つ特徴を生かして5項目に分けデモンストレーションをしていただきました。


September 12, 2014  :  September Monthly Meeting


On a refreshing autumn day, the first monthly meeting under new I.I. TFC President Hiroko Abe was held.
Ms. Jun'yo Honma, a managing teach designated by the headmaster of Ryuseiha, and her groups exhibited many excellent works with the theme of "aspect" what one found in the plants. Many participants were attracted to the works skillfully showing many grapefruits, especially the masterpiece which was a dyed 'Rush'.
There was also a greeting from the I.I. Fair 2014 chairperson Mme. Maali Siam, wife of the ambassador of Palestine to Japan. The Fair 2014 will be held 11:30 - 15:30 on Monday, Dec. 8th at Tokyo Prince Hotel.
All officers will work cooperate to make participation enjoyable for everyone.

また、12月8日(月)11:30〜15:30 東京プリンスホテルにて開催されますI.I. Fairの委員長 駐日パレスチナ大使夫人マーリ・シアム様の就任のご挨拶がありました。全役員が力を合わせ、参加下さる皆様方に楽しんでいただけますよう努力して参ります。


September 10, 2014  :  Welfare Project Ikebana Workshop


“Ikebana workshop”requested by Welfare section of Akasaka Regional City Office, Minato Ward was held as a Welfare project. The workshop was set for elderly local residents. 18 participants and their voluntary supporters enjoyed the program. All of them had a wonderful and rewarding time.



June 5, 2014  :  June Monthly Meeting


The grand finale of monthly meeting in 2013-2014 was held at the Tokyo American Club on June 5. For the first 15 minutes, we has left everyday life in the tone of harp by Ms.Risa Simizu, and the greeting as usual. After the lunch, with the splendid motion of Ms.Yuki Ikenobo, wonderful work was decorated on the stage, and it was demonstration time as if it blessed the engagement of the second daughter of HIH Princess Takamado. We thank all chapter members for kind understanding and support to Tokyo Founding Chapter activities 2013-2014. We would like to ask your support for the new board directors in the coming year. We thank you very much once again and good bye.



May 12, 2014  :  May Monthly Meeting


Beautiful fresh green season has come. The TFC's May Monthly Meeting was held on May 12 at Meguro Happouen surrounded by the fresh green.
The day's performers were Ohara school's Ms.Iwata Kasen as ikebana deonstrator, and the wife of Venezuela ambassador, Madam Erica Colon as opera singer. The participants enjoyed dynamic Ikebana architect and beautiful soprano voice sesounding in the hall.



January 28, 2014  :  New Year's Party


The first regular meeting in 2014 was held at Palace Hotel Tokyo as the New Year's Party on January 28(Tue). We had a lot of participation from Saga-goryu school and it became the great success which exceeded 450 in total. After HIH Princess Takamado was installed, it continued with the elegant performance of Nohgaku by Mr.Yukio Kakutou, Noh player. The Ikebana demonstration of main program displays "The mark of happiness & prosperity" by Ms.Mika Tsujii of Saga-goryu. There was also presentation of Charitable Donation raised at the Ikebana International Fair 2013 as usual. The main concept of New Year exhibition was symbolized of Mt.Fuji. A stage of Hagoromo means" Miho no Matsubara" and Ikebana demonstration means a "form of good omen".
Furthermore, Mr.Kondo was specially invited as a guest. Mr. Kondo is ex-Director of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and did his best with strong role of promotion of World Cultural Herritage registration. The hall wrapped in atmosphere which was set to bright 2014. TFC activity started vigorously also 2014 and appreciate your kind supports to TFC directors. Thanks.



December 10, 2013  :  Ikebana International Fair 2013


Ikebana International Fair 2013 was held at the Tokyo Prince Hotel on the rainy December 10th. Every participant enjoyed this event including ikebana exhibition by 35 Iemotos of ikebana school, shopping at 20 Embassy booths, performance of Swiss music and exciting raffle lottery.



November 22, 2013  :  November Special Meeting


November Special Meeting was held at the Tokyo American Club on November 22, 2013.
First, Madame Shifa Haddad, wife of the Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, gave lecture titled “60 Years of Friendship.” Many photos showing the similarity in architecture, customs, utensils and so on between Japan and Jordan were presented.
Second presentation was done by Ms. Minako Imada, President of International Table Art Academy Association. She lectured about the European hospitality and table settings, as well as etiquette. Three gorgeous tables were displayed in the hall and delicious madeleine-cakes donated by Ms.Imada were served at the tea time. Jordanian specialties, baked goods and handicrafts by members were also to purchase.

先ず、シーファ・ハッダード駐日ヨルダン大使夫人より、「60 Years of Friendship」をテーマに、ヨルダンと日本の長い友好の歴史や両国の類似した文化、建築、習慣等をパワーポイントのスライドショー大画面で紹介されました。
次に、国際食卓芸術アカデミー協会会長、今田美奈子先生が「International Table Art」と題し、 長い海外でのご活躍からヨーロピアンホスピタリティについて、華麗なテーブルセッティングやマナーの興味深い講演でした。Tea Timeでは今田先生からの美味しいマドレーヌとお茶を楽しみました。


October 4, 2013  :  October Monthly Meeting


October Monthly Meeting was held on October 4 at the Sogetsu Kaikan.
Mme. Anja N. SIEBOLD BUCHER, the wife of the Ambassador of Switzerland to Japan and also the I.I. Fair Chairperson made a speech to promote the event called “Ikebana International Fair 2013”, which will be held on December 10, 2013. Ms. Sanae Maeda, Master Instructor of Sogetsu School, carried out an Ikebana demonstration. Her eight wonderful artistic Ikebana arrangements expressed beauty of the autumn season. All attendants were fascinated by her Ikebana's artworks.

フェア2013のチェアパーソンにご就任された。スイス大使夫人マダム アニア N. シーボルト ブへール様からご就任のご挨拶、フェアのご案内のあと草月流本部講師、前田早苗先生によるデモンストレーションがおこなわれ大小8作品がから吊らされた作品などいけばなで宇宙を演出しているような空間は会場の皆さんを魅了しました。フェア委員長、フェアーコーディネーター、支部長、会員皆さんでフェア2013の成功を誓いました。


September 6, 2013  :  September Monthly Meeting


TFC provides the 1st monthly meeting of this year on September 6,2013 at Aoyama Diamond Hall. Begining from Sato Wienczyslawa New TFC president's greetings, and the demonstration was carried out with art of flower and art of Obi (Japanese traditional belt). Meikyo Ichifu made the work which imagined Mt.Fuji from the beauty of delicate curve. Shuko Yamamoto likened the obi with the vase and showed a decoration flower of a new genre. How to useexpression of the beauty of line and cha charmingness of a obi gives fascination to participant.



June 15, 2013  :  Welfare Project Child Care Center Souai-en


We visited the Child Care Center Souai-en in the wonderful environment of rural landscape and overlooking Mt. Tsukuba, and enjoyed Ikebana with twenty three children .T.F.C. members gave the demonstration, and we had the workshop. We shared the pleasure of touching flowers with the children. This time we were able to see children with beautiful smile and touch their innocent mind. We continue this project next year, and look forward to seeing children with smile again.

ウェルフェアプロジェクト / 茨城県土浦市 児童養護施設窓愛園

筑波山を望む素晴らしい環境にある児童養護施設 窓愛園で、デモンストレーションとワークショップを行い23名の子供たちと一緒にいけばなを楽しんで来ました。子供たちの笑顔と素直な気持ちに触れることが出来き、来期も子供たちの笑顔を楽しみに続けて行きたいと思います。


June 5, 2013  :  June Gala Luncheon


The Gala Luncheon, the final event of this year, was held with Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado in attendance at Hotel Okura Tokyo on June 5. Ambassador wives, Iemotos, Ohara School members and I.I.Members were participated. Mr. Hidetaka Suzuki, Vice President of the Council of Ohara Professors, gave the Ikebana demonstration. After that, the Ceremony for appreciation to TFC retiring officers and installation of new officers, and the presentation of Chapter’s book and flower bouquet between current and new presidents were held. The President of TFC delivered her gratitude to TFC Officers and all of members.



May 14, 2013  :  May Monthly Meeting, TFC Annual General Meeting, White Elephant Sale


May monthly meeting was held on Tuesday, May14, 2013 at The New Otani. Main program was ikebana lecture and demonstration by Mr.Rakuzan Sono, 28th Headmaster of Seizan-Goryu. On the same day, TFC Annual General Meeting was held and the 2013-2014 slate of TFC officers were declared to cast a unanimous vote and accepted. White Elephant sale was very successful. We had more profit than last year. We greatly appreciate your kind cooperation.

5月の例会は、青山御流先28世家元 園 楽山先生をお迎えしていけばなのレクチャーとデモンストレーションがホテルニューオータニで開催されました。


April 26, 2013  :  Special Program at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium


We first received a lecture by Ms.Diane Claeys entitled "Flowers in lace, an infinite beauty" including the history of Belgium. Next we took a brief tour in the ebmassy by feeling affinity with Marie Antoinette, then enjoyed nice tea and sweets at the sunny guest room spending a lovely moment.

ダイアン クレイン様による “レースの花・無限の美しさ”と題しての講演、館内の見学後、ベルギーレースや歴所のわかりやすい説明があり、マリーアントワネットに親しみを感じたりしました。陽当たりのよいゲストルームで美味しいお茶とお菓子の接待を受け、楽しいひと時を過ごせました。


March 15, 2013  :  March Monthly Meeting


Place of the March monthly meeting was changed to Sogetsu Hall faced to Aoyama Street. While we stood by, Mrs.Akie Abe, the Prime Minister's wife as special guest arrived. Then the meeting started. Mrs.Kumiko Kato, demonstrator of Sogetsu school, made totally 9 works which unified the stage and the seats



January 29, 2013  :  January Monthly Meeting


TFC January Monthly Meeting was New Year Luncheon, which was held on January 29, 2013 at The New Otani.
Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, Ikebana International Honorary President, honored us with her presence at our first meeting of 2013.
The main program was an Ikebana demonstration by Mr.Takashi Moribe, Professor, Ikenobo Central Training Institute, Ikenobo Headquarters.
AT the presentation ceremony, the profit from the fair was donated to the Japanese Red Cross.
Mr. Ken Karatsu, a famous Cellist played a Joseph Guarneri, 1690s.

華道家元 池坊中央研修学院教授 森部隆先生のいけばなデモンストレーション、昨年の12月に開催した「いけばなインターナショナルフェア2012」の収益金から日本赤十字社への贈呈式、そして唐津健様のチェロ演奏など、とても華やかな新年会となりました。


December 6, 2012  :  Ikebana International Fair 2012




The annual I.I. Fair was held at Tokyo Prince Hotel on Thursday, December 6, under the auspices of Fair Chairperson Mme.Karine Liebaut, wife of the Ambassador of Kingdomm of Belgium. In the Magnolia hall, the marvelous Ikebana works by Japanese representative school Iemotos were exhibited, and in the Ho-O-no-ma, the bazaar, that had a variety of booths, was held by the ambassador wives, the I.I. domestic Chapters and many kinds of enterprises.



November 19, 2012  :  November Monthly Meeting


Our November meeting was held with Ikebana demonstration by Mr. Kei Hihara, Iemoto-Designate of Misho-Ryu. His demonstration on 10th World Convention was very popular. He was present another his Ikebana world.
Ms Emiko Kinoshita gave a talk on the flowers of Cote d'Azur. "Les fleurs - Quelle merveille !" She lived in Cannes many years and was the principal of Japanese school.

11月の例会は、第十回世界大会で若々しいデモンストレーションをしてくださいました未生流家元嗣 肥原慶先生を大阪からお迎えして青山ダイヤモンドホールで開催されました。参加者一同、新しい慶先生のいけばなの世界を堪能致しました。
またカンヌ日本人学校の校長を務め、永年カンヌ文化講座で日本文化の伝承にも貢献されました木下恵美子様が「花よ ! 何という不思議な… 」と言うタイトルで講演されました。


October 12-13, 2012  :  Tohoku green project


We held the workshop at Soma City, Fukushima Iitoyo Elementary School.

東北グリーンプロジェクト 本部主催


September 21, 2012  :  September Monthly Meeting


The first monthly meeting of fiscal year 2012-2013 was held on Friday, September 21 at Aoyama Diamond Hall.
Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter welcomed many diplomatic guests and distinguished guests.
Mrs. Kozan Okada, Headmistress of Kozan School, was the guest demonstrator for the program.

たくさんの外交団、ご来賓を迎え、広山流家元 岡田広山先生のいけばなデモストレーションが行われました。


June 22, 2012  :  TFC's 55th Anniversary and June Monthly Meeting


The monthly meeting of the grand finale in 2011-2012 and the last event as 55th commemorative anniversary was held at the Imperial Hotel on June 22, 2012. At first, all participants paid a silent prayer to the late H.I.H. Prince Tomohito, The speech of H.I.H. Princess Takamado confirmed the importance of international communication/exchange. Most of participants admired the demonstration by Ms. Akane Teshigahara, Headmaster of Sogetsu School, who created a dynamic display on the stage, and two master instructors of Sogetsu HQ. Ms. Teshigahara,. Ms. Michiko Motomura, President of TFC, reported activities performed in the year by a slideshow. Most members felt the year passes so fast. Generous applaud was given to the outgoing board members and incoming newly elected officers 2012-2013.
We thank chapter members for kind understanding and support to Tokyo Founding Chapter activities 2011-2012. This editing work for TFC HP is my last job. Thank you very much for supporting me in the last one year. The preparation work for the next year has already started. We would like to ask your support for the new board members in the coming year. Let us expect a good year. Good bye.

6月22日(金曜)帝国ホテルに於いて支部創立55周年記念そして2011−2012年度のフィナーレである月例会が開催されました。プログラムは冒頭の先日ご逝去なさった三笠宮寛仁親王殿下への黙祷から始まり、高円宮妃殿下のお言葉にあらためて国際交流の大切さを認識し、後に続いた草月流家元 勅使河原茜様と他2名の本部講師(福島光加、隅出美泉様)によるダイナミックな舞台展開となったデモンストレーションに感嘆しました。支部長によるスライドを使った年間活動報告には皆様からこの1年の短さを実感する歓声が聞こえ、本年度役員及び次年度役員の挨拶には惜しみない拍手が送られて、充実した内容の盛り込まれた4時間でした。


May 31, 2012  :  May Monthly Meeting


The most important monthly meeting (AGM) was held at Aoyama Diamond Hall on May 31st.
After the quorum of the Annual General Meeting was confirmed, TFC officers for 2012-13 were elected. An important proposal was tabled, which was to lessen the burden of members and officers for the future. The proposal was accepted by the participants.
In the second session, a demonstration by Mr. Rishi Otsuka, Headmaster of Koryu Katabami- Kai, was held along with his Koryu style ikebana exhibition. His delicate technique and style of presentation gave an impression of his school’s unique character.



March 2, 2012  :  March Monthly Meeting / TFC 55th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition


Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter 55th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition was held at Hotel Okura Tokyo on March 2nd. Nine schools and more than 100 members created beautiful works and celebrated the Anniversary.
In commemoration luncheon, Headmasters and Headmistresses of Ikebana schools and Honorary Advisor of TFC talked about the chapter’s history. The party was held in a nice atmosphere from the beginning to the end. After the party, a tape cutting ceremony was held in front of the exhibition hall at 1 PM. The stream of visitors was never broken despite the heavy rain and the hall was alive all the time.
A tower of flowers as a memorial to Tohoku earthquake disaster victims was set in the exhibition hall, and everybody had placed flowers in the tower. It was complete around 3 PM.
TFC would like to thank participants for their cooperation. Tokyo Founding Chapter has already begun to walk towards the 60th anniversary



February 24, 2012  :  February Monthly Meeting


Are you learning Tokyo American Club ? On February 24th (Friday), we had regular February meeting at re-built Tokyo American Club. Special guest as Mme. Olga Kamaldinova, Republic of Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Japan, introduced great nature in the homeland using beautiful slides. And main demonstrator, Mr. Manabu Noda, Professor of Ikenobo Central Training Institute, he approached to introduce the magnificent historical of 550 years of Ikenobo and 1000 years of Ikebana introduction with cross over a work in today. In the last, recruiting from participants and releasing five-works produced in collaboration. That was very applauded.



January 20, 2012  :  New Year's Party


The first regular meeting in 2012 was held at Hotel OKURA TOKYO as the New Year's Party on January 20th. Because it took on the TFC establishment 55th anniversary this year, it began with the greeting that Mrs.Motomura TFC President celebrated the 55th anniversary first.
We had a lot of participation from OHARA school and it became the great success which exceeded 420 in total. After HIH Princess Takamado was installed, it continued with the performance of the classic guitar, the remembrance 55-years story by Ms.Wakako Ohara, the supreme counselor of OHARA, the demonstration by Mr.Hidetaka Suzuki, Vice president of Council of OHARA Professors and it ended on time. That was to do the performance being which was enriched to leave time there.



November 2, 2011  :  November Monthly Meeting


TFC’s November monthly meeting was held on Wednesday, November 2nd, at the Diamond room of Aoyama Diamond Hall. The demonstrator was Mrs. Mitsui Teshigahara, Vice President of Wafu School of Ikebana. A special lecture titled “New Zealand and Flowers” by Mme. Setsuko Kennedy, wife of New Zealand Ambassador to Japan, was held before ikebana demonstration. She gave us an easy-to-understand description about the relation between the history of the earth and the nature. We studied the difference between the environment 5000 years ago (!!!)and floral environment of today.
Ms. Teshigahara demonstrated 4 works along with her theme, “Enjoy flowers by arranging the flowers that you love, as many as you like, in your favorite vase”. Her demonstration style included walking, moving and talking, It seemed like a 3D TV.

11月月例会は2日(水曜)勅使河原和風会副会頭 勅使河原光衣先生がデモンストレーターとして登場くださいました。冒頭、駐日ニュージランド大使夫人 ケネディ節子様が「ニュージランドとお花」のタイトルで講演され、大地と自然の関係についてわかりやすくお話しくださり、目の前の花の環境と、5000年前の環境を体験しました。
デモンストレーションでは勅使河原先生が、「好きな花を 好きなだけ 好きな花瓶に挿して楽しむ」というテーマで、4作品を作られました。歩く、動く、喋るの3D(立体画面)のようで、楽しい月例会でした。


September 28, 2011  :  September Monthly Meeting


The first monthly meeting of fiscal year 2011-2012 was held on Wednesday, September 28 2011, at Aoyama-diamond Hall Tokyo. Demonstrators are Headmaster of Ichiyo school of Ikebana, Mr. Akihiro Kasuya and Headmaster Designate, Mr. Naohiro Kasuya.
They explored their theme of “the Autumn Flower Stage 360” through their demonstrations. The stage to show was furnished at the center of the room. The Iemoto moved back and forth in the room, and three dynamic works were complete. Before programs started, we provided a light meal. It was a first trial, but it seemed to have worked well. It was a good start for this year!!!
Mme. Anita Pratap, wife of Royal Norwegian Ambassador to Japan and Ikebana International Fair 2011 Chairperson, gave a commencing speech.

デモンストレーターは一葉式生け花家元 粕谷明弘様、同家元嗣 粕谷尚弘様でした。
「秋 - 花舞台360°」というテーマのもとに、見せる舞台を会場中央にしつらえ、右へ、左へと家元が縦横に動き、ダイナミックな作品3点が完成しました。今回は初めての試みとして最初に軽い昼食をご用意、食事終了後にデモンストレーションを楽しんで頂くように企画しました。
又、いけばなインターナショナルフェア2011委員長 アニタ プラタップ 駐日ノルウェー王国大使夫人が、フェア旗揚げのスピーチをなさいました。


June 22, 2011  :  June Monthly Meeting / Year-end Gala Luncheon


TFC June Monthly Meeting was the Year-end Luncheon, which was held on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at Hilton Tokyo. Total attendees were 369 including distinguished guests, guests of Ikenobo and TFC members and others. H.I.H. Princess Takamado, Ikebana International Honorary President, and H. I. H. Princess Noriko of Takamado, honored us with their presence at our last meeting of fiscal year 2010-2011. The main program was an Ikebana demonstration by Ms. Yuki Ikenobo, Headmistress Designate of Ikenobo. Her theme was “The Many Faces of a Single Flower”.

東京支部2010-2011年度最後の月例会は、6月22日(水)に、ヒルトン東京・菊の間で開催されました。高円宮妃久子殿下、典子女王殿下のご臨席を賜り、ご来賓の皆様、そして池坊からのたくさんのお客様をお迎えして、支部会員を含めて合計369名が出席しました。主要なプログラムは、池坊次期家元 池坊由紀先生の「一つの花の色々な顔」というテーマに沿ったいけばなデモンストレーションでした。他に、新旧支部役員交代式や、会員より集められた東日本大震災への義援金贈呈式が、ジャパンタイムズ社のメディア局長、堤丈晴常務取締役をお招きして取り行われました。義援金は同社を通じて贈られます。一年の終わりにふさわしい、華やかな昼食会となりました。


June 14, 2011  :  June Monthly Meeting / TFC Members’ Exhibition


Our June monthly Meeting was TFC Members’ Exhibition, which was held on June 14, 2011 at the Diamond Hall of Aoyama Diamond Hall.
The Exhibition was originally planned on March 16, but was postponed to June 14, 2011 because of the catastrophic earthquake in Eastern Japan.
We would like to express deep sympathy for the disaster victims and pray for quick recovery.



May 31, 2011  :  June Monthly Meeting


Our May Monthly Meeting was the Annual General Meeting, which was held on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at the Reino-ma of the Hotel New Otani. Only TFC members were invited to attend the AGM.
The meeting was started with a silent prayer for the victims of the Eastern Japan big earthquake disaster which occurred on March 11, 2011.



February 8, 2011  :  February Monthly Meeting


Our February meeting was held with an Ikebana demonstration by Ms. Seiko Ozawa, Master Instructor of the Sogetsu Headquarters of Sogetsu School at Sogetsu-Kaikan. We welcomed many guests form embassies and Sogetsu School, and TFC members, as well.



January 27, 2011  :  January Monthly Meeting


TFC January Monthly Meeting was New Year Luncheon, which was held on Thursday, January 27, 2011 at Imperial Hotel Tokyo. Total attendees were 422 including distinguished guests, guests of Saga-Gory and TFC members and others. Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, Ikebana International Honorary President, honored us with her presence at our first meeting of 2011. The main program was an Ikebana demonstration by Mr. Ngagakatsu Okada, Kamicho of Saga-Goryu. His demonstration theme was “the need to teach beauty of traditional Ikebana arrangements to the next generation”.
Also Her Excellency Ms. Patricia Cardenas, the Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia and Chairperson of I.I. Fair 2010, presented the charity donation raised by diplomatic communities.
As Entertainment, Mr. Hideki Togi, a famous gagaku musician, played several gagaku tunes, an apt performance for the New Year.



December 15, 2010  :  Thanks Luncheon


A Thanks Luncheon was organized at the residence of the Colombian Ambassador Ms. Patricia Cardenas on December 15th 2010.
Her Excellency as the Fair Chairperson invited H.I.H. Princess Takamado, I.I. President, TFC President, Fair Committee Chairpersons and Co-Chairpersons and of course the Ambassador Wive's from over 40 countries who participated at the Fair. We all enjoyed this event and were impressed by the warm atmosphere prepared by the Embassy of the Republic of Colombia.

2010年12月15日、パトリシア・カルデナス コロンビア共和国大使閣下邸にてフェアのサンクスランチが行われました。


December 15, 2010  :  Ikebana International Fair 2010


The annual I.I. Fair was held at Tokyo Prince Hotel on Tuesday, December 7, under the auspices of Fair Chairperson Her Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia Ms. Patricia Cardenas.
The preparations for the 2010 Fair started in September, the Committees Chairpersons and their members worked very hard and tried to make this event successful.
This year's Fair was a little different, we decided to give a spacial place for the Fair Chairperson's country.
We had a "Colombian corner" with the coffee degustation, and information about the country.
Magnolia Hall was decorated by compositions prepared by Iemotos from different Ikebana schools, some of them used roses and carnations and Chrysanthemums from Columbia.
Ho-O-No-Ma Hall was occupied by the international booths held by the Ambassadors spouses, the I.I. Headquarters, domestic Chapters and many kinds of enterprises.
We had entertainment prepared by the Colombian dancers group "Ritmo de Cali", followed by the raffle.
During the whole day Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado honored us by Her presence and Her special words at the end of the event to all those present were greatly appreciated.
According to our tradition the next Ikebana International Fair will be held in December 2011, and we hope to see you there.

コロンビアのダンスグループ“Ritmo de Cali”の華麗な踊りのエンターテインメントに続いて、ラッフルの抽選会が行われました。


November 19, 2010  :  Welcome Tea


2010 Welcome Tea was held at the Residence of Mrs.Nowakowski.(TFC Board member) on November 19. The nine new members, International President and TFC Board members joined this tea party.
Meeting opened with International President’s the welcome remark. TFC Board members explained the each job description. New comers did self-introduction.
The tea party followed. We enjoyed conversation and delicious dishes, cakes which were made by Board members. We took a commemorative photo at the last of the tea party.



November 18, 2010  :  November Monthly Meeting


The November monthly meeting was held on Thursday, November 18 at the Orchard Room of Hotel Okura Tokyo. Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter welcomed many diplomatic guests and other distinguished guests from Ohara School. The main program was an Ikebana demonstration by Mr. Ko Morishita, Professor of the Council of Ohara Professors. He focuses on the flavors of autumn-Ikebana as a concerto of autumn flowers.
Ms. Wakako Ohara, Chief executive of Ohara School introduced Mr. Ko Morishita, demonstrator of November Program.

11月の例会は、外交団、そして小原流からのたくさんのお客様をお迎えして開催されました。プログラムは、小原流研究院教授 守下篁先生によります、「秋彩コンチェルトConcerto」をテーマにしたいけばなデモンストレーションでした。


October 22, 2010  :  October Monthly Meeting


Our October meeting was an Ikebana collaboration of Ms. Riho Miyamoto, headmistress of Koryu Toyokai Suibokuka Temae and Ms. Riho Araki, headmistress of Shoka Koryu. They alternately focused on the flavor of autumn - Ikebana in classic autumn styles.



October 19, 2010  :  2010 Fair - The Briefing Tea Party


The time of 2010 Fair is approaching very quickly. Different committees started to work already a few months ago. On October 19, the Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia who is the Chairperson of the Fair organized the Briefing Tea Party. Ambassadors' wives and embassy staff who were invited to the party expressed their willingness to participate in the Fair. After the information meeting we had a pleasant talk around the delicious Colombian coffee and food.



September 17, 2010  :  September Monthly Meeting


The first monthly meeting of fiscal year 2010-2011 was held on Friday, September 17 at the Orchard Room of Hotel Okura Tokyo. Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter welcomed many diplomatic guests and distinguished guests. Mr. Ryuho Sasaoka, Headmaster Designate of Misho-ryu Sasaoka, was the gust demonstrator for the program. He usually works in Kyoto, his home town. He introduced his ikebana first time for Ikebana International members in Tokyo area. Ikebana Ikebana International Fair will be held on Dec. 7, 2010 at the Tokyo Prince Hotel. The Chapter welcomed H.E. Ms. Patricia Cardenas of Columbia as the Fair Chairperson.

いけばなインターナショナル今年度初めての月例会は、9月17日(金)、ホテルオークラ東京オーチャードルームにて開催されました。たくさんの外交団、ご来賓を迎え、京都でご活躍の未生流笹岡次期家元 笹岡隆甫氏のいけばなデモストレーションが行われました。 笹岡氏にとって、東京周辺のいけばなインターナショナル会員へは、初めてのいけばなの紹介でした。 京支部は来る12月7日、東京プリンスホテルで恒例のいけばなインターナショナルフェアを開催します。


June 1, 2010  :  Gala Luncheon


The Gala Luncheon, the final event of this year, was held with Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado in attendance at Hotel Okura Tokyo on June 1. The Ambassador wives, The Iemotos, and more than two hundred of Ohara School members were participated.
Mr. Koji Kanamori, Vice President of the Council of Ohara Professors, gave the Ikebana demonstration using Hydrangea as subject. The wonderful seasonal arrangements moved all if us.
After that, the Ceremony for appreciation to TFC retiring officers and installation of new officers, and the presentation of Charter’s book and flower bouquet between current and new presidents were held. The President of TFC delivered her gratitude to TFC Officers and all of members.



May 20, 2010  :   TFC Annual General Meeting / Ikebana Exhibition and White Elephant Sale


TFC Annual General Meeting was held at the Tentative American Club, and the 2010-2011 slate of I.I. HQ and TFC officers were declared to cast a unanimous vote and accepted.
On the same day, we had the flower exhibition by members and White Elephant sale. The Exhibition is growing better year by year, and the exhibitors were pleased with it. The White elephant Sale was very successful, and we had more profit than last year. We greatly appreciate your kind cooperation.



May 11, 2010  :  Green Campaign at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
(Photo by Hiroshi Homma)


Following Green Campaign at Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan last year, we planted Fujizakura at Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan this year.
Unfortunately it was rainy day, but, just before H.I.H Princess Takamado was in presence the rain was suddenly up. All of the participants were excited such a wonderful miracle.
But this rain was good for Fujizakura tree carried from cool climate area. The pretty pale pink blooms will please us next spring.

はるばる涼しい気候から運ばれてきたフジザクラの木にとりましては、植樹に最適な雨模様で、来年の春、可憐で淡いピンクの花を咲かせてくれることと思います。 植樹の後には大使の歓迎と御礼のご挨拶に対し、高円宮妃久子殿下のお言葉を賜り、いけばなインターナショナル東京支部森井支部長より御挨拶がありました。
いけばなインターナショナル TFC・グリーンキャンペーンは、このような交流を絶えることなく努力していく所存でございます。
この後、I. I .のTFC(東京支部)は港区台場の『海の森』に苗木を送る計画です。


April 21, 2010  :  Nagatoro-Kawagoe Bus Tour


During this year Tour, TFC Members visited Nagatoro where we took the riverboat to appreciate the beauty of the Ara-kawa gorge.
After lunch at the restaurant "Imozen" famous for sweet potatoes dishes, we visited Kawagoe City in Saitama Prefecture.
The weather was exceptionally warm and sunny which made the visit to Kawagoe, a castle town that flourished in the 17th century, very enjoyable.



April 17, 2010  :  Luncheon with Mme. Boontipa Simaskul


The wife of the former Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand, Mme. Boontipa Simaskul, who served as the 2007-2008 president of TFC, visited to Japan in April. Mme. Simaskul and forty TFC members who worked together as Board members and Fair Committees during her office, enjoyed lunch and had wonderful time at Ark Hills Club.

前タイ王国大使夫人ブンティパー・シマサクン様は 在任中にTFCの支部長をお勉めくださいましたが、4月に再び日本を訪問されました。その折にブンティパさまとご一緒にお仕事をしたボードの方々、 また12月に行われる恒例のフェアの折にも働いた方々など有志が集まって“アークヒルズクラブ”でご一緒にランチを楽しみました。


March 24, 2010  :  Welfare Project 4 - Child Care Center Souai-en / Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki


This time, we visited the Child Care Center -Souai in the wonderful environment of rural landscape and overlooking Mt. Tsukuba, and enjoyed Ikebana with twenty six children from elementary to high school students.
First, Mrs. Sakai, the TFC member, gave the demonstration, and the children were watching five big and small arrangements using colorful spring flowers curiously.
After that, Mrs. Ikezawa, another TFC member, had the workshop using Aspidistras.
The Children tried to make Aspidistras various shapes with their feeling. We shared the pleasure of touching flowers with the children.
This year, we had Welfare Project four times. Every time, we were able to see children with beautiful smile and touch their innocent mind.
We continue this project next year, and look forward to seeing children with smile again.

今回は、広がる田園風景と筑波山を望むという素晴らしい環境にある児童養護施設 窓愛園で、今期プロジェクト最多の小学低学年から高校生まで26名の子供たちといけばなを楽しんで来ました。


March 3, 2010  :  March Monthly Meeting


The March Monthly Meeting was held on March 3 at the Sogetsu Kaikan.
The demonstrator was Mr. Sozan Nakamura, Master Instructor of the Sogetsu Headquarter. His activity ranges widely over a number of subjects. The demonstration was the corroboration of flower materials, which was suitable for the doll festival, and the gorgeous containers made by Ms. Akane Teshigahaara, Iemoto of Sogetsu School, Mr. Sozan Nakamura, the demonstrator, and so on. We enjoyed the beautiful spring flowers.

3月3日に草月会館において月例会が行われました。デモンストレーターは、多岐に渡る分野で、ご活躍の草月流本部講師 中村草山(なかむら そうざん)先生。雛祭りに相応しい花材と、お家元作成の花器等を使っての「素晴らしい器といけばなのコラボレーション」で、舞台の上は春満開でした。


February 24, 2010  :  Special Program in the Embassy of Poland


The Special Program was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, in February, to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Fryderyk Chopin`s birth.
The program included ikebana compositions to express his music. Indeed the participants had the pleasure to appreciate the ikebana created by TFC Members and by I.I. Headquarters and to listen to a piano recital by Ms. Masako Ezaki. The afternoon was started with an introduction by the H.E. the Ambassador of Poland Dr. Jadwiga Rodowicz. Then Mr.M. Lata, Director of Polish National Tourist Organization gave us a talk with a power point presentation about Poland and its 13 UNESCO World Heritages sites. At the end everyone gathered to sample Polish food prepared by the Special Program Committee.

2月のスペシャルプログラムは駐日ポーランド共和国大使館にて開催され、フレデリック ショパンの生誕200年をお祝いしました。そのプログラムにはショパンの楽曲をより引き立たせるよういけばなの展示も致しました。江崎昌子さんのすばらしいピアノリサイタルとTFC会員,そしてI.I.本部役員によるいけばなを、ご参加の皆様に大変喜んで頂き、本当に沢山の称賛を頂きました。
プログラムはポーランド共和国大使のDr.ヤドヴィガ ロドヴィッチによるご挨拶で始まり、それに引き続いて、ポーランド政府観光長のワタ氏からポーランド共和国の話や国内13箇所のユネスコ世界遺産について、レクチャーがありました。


February 5, 2010  :  February Monthly Meeting


February Monthly meeting was the collaboration by iemotos, ambassador's wives, and our TFC members at the Embassy of Russian Federation. The demonstrators from different nationalities, schools, and experiences gave us the wonderful Ikebana demonstration. We enjoyed their various Ikebana arrangements.
It was the special event only Ikebana International is capable of doing, and this is just our motto: Friendship through flowers.
After the demonstration, we had a good time with tea and delicious Russian confectionaries made by the chef of Russian Embassy.



January 20, 2010  :  New Year Luncheon


2010 New Year Luncheon was held with Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado in attendance at the Chinzan-so.
First of all, we reported on 2009 Ikebana International Fair and the plan until this June.
AT the presentation ceremony, the profit from the fair was donated to four countries to make useful for the treatment of children’s cancer on Madame Natalya Belaya, Wife of the Ambassador of Russian and the 2009 Fair Chairperson’s suggestion.
After the ceremony, we enjoyed the graceful Japanese traditional dance performed by Mrs. Junko Katano, the former president of Kamakura Chapter.
Mr. Rihoh Semba, Iemoto of Koryu Shoohkai gave us the New Year Ikebana Demonstration by using the auspicious materials of Pine, Bamboo, and Plum. He entertained us with his humor, and it reminded us his father, the late Iemoto. The demonstration expressed his sincere and warm character.
We all had a wonderful time.

会に於いて、本年度のお知らせ、昨年末に行われたI.I. フェアの報告をし、フェアの収益金は、フェア委員長ロシア連邦大使夫人の提案で、世界の子供たちの癌治療に役立つよう4カ国の国々に寄付贈呈式を行いました。


January 9, 2010  :  Welfare Project 3 - Seishonen Fukushi Center's Coming-of-age Ceremony


We made Ikebana arrangements for Seishonen Fukushi Center's Coming-of-age Ceremony as the first welfare project in 2010.
Seishonen Fukushi Center is a self-supporting facility for the young over 12 up to 20 years old.
To celebrate and encourage 23 people reaching 20 years old, Mrs. Morii, the President of TFC also the leader of this time, and volunteers of TFC member made a large Ikebana arrangement for the ceremony hall, and center pieces for the reception desk, that made to share among 23 people of coming-of-age later.



December 22, 2009  :  Welfare Project 2


We had the second welfare project at Hikari-no-Kodomo-no-Ie in Saitama Prefecture. Mrs. Tamura, a TFC member, who was the leader this time, gave the workshop for Christmas flower arrangement.



December 21, 2009  :  Farewell Party for Suzuki Kyoko-san


Mrs. Keiko Suzuki, TFC Office Staff, retired on December 21, 2009 and we had a small farewell party in the evening. She worked for long time for TFC as a contact person. We had great confidence in her solid job and the gentle behavior. We appreciate everything she did for TFC for long time.



December 20, 2009  :  Welfare Project 1


We started Welfare Project from this year. Welfare Project is one of social service, which proffer the Ikebana Demonstration and Ikebana flowers to welfare institution.
We planned five projects this year, and, this time we had an Ikebana workshop at Meguro Wakaba Ryo as the first project.
The Seven Children and two staff joined this workshop. Mrs. Setsuko Mimaki, TFC Member, who was a leader this time, gave them demonstration and showed how to make Christmas flower arrangement. After her demonstration, the children made their each arrangement. First, they seemed a little bit nervous, but shortly after they touched flowers, they began to be interested in making arrangement. It was the wonderful time with children’s cheerful laugh.
We think to continue this project as one of important TFC activities.

ウェルフェア プロジェクトとは今期から始まった社会貢献の一環で、児童養護施設などの福祉施設にいけばなのワークショップや、いけばなを無償で提供するプロジェクトです。


December 14, 2009  :  2009 Welcome Tea


2009 Welcome Tea was held at I.I. Office on December 14. The eight people out of thirty new and transfer members, and one guest joined this tea party.
Mrs. Ichifu Meikyo, Iemoto of Enshu School Isshinkai, gave us Ikebana Demonstration.
We were able to see very close a lot of traditional ikebana techniques, and were impressed with the wonderful techniques.
After that, each person tried to place a flower and a leaf, and made a kind of Christmas table centerpiece with our motto: Friendship through Flowers. This centerpiece was handed Mrs. Kaufman, and the luncheon was started. Although it was first time we met, we enjoyed conversation and had a good time. At the last of this tea party, we took a commemorative photo.

会では遠州流一森会お家元、名鏡一富先生のいけばなデモンストレーションがあり、伝統ある御流儀の秘儀の数々を身近で拝見し、一同、大変感激致しました。Friendship through Flowersのモットーに因み、新会員、ゲスト、役員が一枝一花を挿して、小さなクリスマス調の卓上花を完成させました。ミセス カウフマンにその卓上花が渡され、シンプルな昼食会が始まりました。初めての方とお隣の席での会食が和やかに楽しく進みました。


December 11, 2009  :  Thanks Lunch Buffet Party


Mme. Natalia Belaya, wife of the Ambassador of Russian Federation and Fair 2009 Chairperson, held the Thanks Lunch Buffet Party at the Embassy of Russian Federation.
She invited H.I.H Princess Takamado, I.I. HQ Honorary President, Fair committee chairpersons, and the 37 countries’ Ambassador wives, who joined the Fair, to this party. We all were deeply impressed with the warm entertainment of the embassy of Russian Federation.

フェア2009委員長、ナタリヤ・ベラヤ、ロシア連邦大使夫人主催のThanks Lunch Buffet Party が港区麻布台のロシア連邦大使館にて行われました。


December 1, 2009  :  Ikebana International Fair 2009


The annual I.I. Fair, which we welcomed H.I.H Princess Takamado, Honorary President, was held at Tokyo Prince Hotel on Tuesday, December 1.
The Fair Committees and Hotel Staff had prepared in a body for this event since this September.
On that day, it was a beautiful weather. We had many guests, and the fair was successfully done.
In the Magnolia room, the marvelous Ikebana works by Japanese representative school Iemotos were exhibited, and in the Ho-O-no-ma, the bazaar, that had a variety of booths, was held by the ambassador wives, the I.I. domestic Chapters and many kinds of enterprises.
We had raffles and the entertainment as featured programs. Madame Natalia Belaya, Wife of the Ambassador of Russian Federation and Fair chairperson, donated a round-trip Moscow air ticket and Matryoshka dolls, and they became the gorgeous prize. At the entertainment, we enjoyed the songs by a Russian beautiful lady, and lovely singing and dancing by Russian children worn Russian national cloths.
Ikebana International Fair is a big annual festival every December. We look forward to seeing all of you again in December, 2010.

名誉総裁高円宮妃久子殿下をお迎えしての恒例 I.I.フェアーが12月1日(火曜日)東京プリンスホテルにて行われました。


November 17, 2009  :  November Monthly Meeting


The third meeting this year was held at Tokyo women's plaza on November 17.
The demonstrator was Mr. Rishi Ohtsuka, Iemoto of Koryu katabami-kai.
When He explained the feature of koryu katabami-kai and showed us Kusabi-dame, high technique for bending branch materials, the audience gazed his hands.
After this explanation, he made a gorgeous Ikebana arrangement with beautiful harmonica sound performed by Mr. Yasujiro Asami. The audience took a look at such a wonderful performance with a sigh.

3度目の月例会は、11月17日東京ウイメンズプラザで行われました。 デモンストレーターは、古流かたばみ会家元の大塚理司先生。 楔矯め(くさびだめ)のお話には、皆先生の手元を凝視、浅見安二郎氏のハーモニカの音色をバックに、素晴らしい作品を活けられ、客席からは溜息が出ていました。


October 23, 2009  :  The Second Monthly Meeting


This year's second Monthly Meeting was held at Ikenobo Ochanomizu Gakuin on Friday, October 23rd.
Mr. Haruka Nishida, Ikenobo Headquarters Special Visiting Professor, gave us a beautiful demonstration with great talking and humming in the cozy hall. It was such an enjoyable demonstration that the audience burst into laughter.

居心地のよい講堂で、池坊特別派遣教授 西田永(にしだ はるか)先生のお人柄が溢れるお話があり、先生からは鼻歌が、会場からは笑いが起きた楽しいデモンストレーションが行われました。


October 14, 2009  :  Karen Napoli visited us


Mrs. Karen Napoli, a former Tokyo Founding Chapter President, visited to our office after a long time since we saw her last. Though she has been in USA for about five years, her warm and kind character is still fascinating Ikebana International members. We took a commemorative photo together with her in the office. We soon opened up to each other.
We will always give II's friends a hearty welcome.

元東京支部支部長のKaren Napoli さんが、久しぶりにオフイスを訪れた。米国での生活も5年近く。穏やかで優しい性格でI.I.のファンも多い。現場にいた仲間と記念撮影。逢うとすぐに打ち解ける。


October 1, 2009  :  ロシア大使公邸におけるフェアー説明会及びお茶会


We introduced the Ikebana International Fair, which will be held on December 1, to the ambassadors’ wives. After the meeting, we had a gorgeous tea party organized by the Russian Federation Ambassador.
There were about thirty ambassadors’ wives gathered at the briefing and tea party. We asked them for their cooperation in the Bazaar at the I. I. Fair. The proceeds of the Bazaar will go to charity.
The hospitality of the Ambassador and his wife was extraordinary, and we were treated to an abundance of delicious food prepared by their new chef.



September 15, 2009  :  September Monthly Meeting


This year’s first Monthly Meeting was held at Tokyo Women’s Plaza. In the morning we had the meeting Chapter Presidents in Japan, and the Monthly Meeting was held in the afternoon with various presentations in the Hall.
The entertainment included a koto and flute concert and a demonstration by the Iemoto of the Kasui School, in collaboration with Mickey Curtis and his band.
The ikebana demonstration was fresh and unique, and a hush came over the crowd as they intensely watched him work The collaboration of flowers and music was met with loud applause by all of the guests.



June 3, 2009  :  Gala Luncheon


Gala Luncheon at Hotel Okura Tokyo.
Ikebana Demonstration by Ms. Akane Teshigahara, Iemoto of Sogetsu School.

草月流お家元 勅使河原茜先生によるいけばなデモンストレーション


May 25, 2009  :  Special Event at Hakone Fujiya Hotel


The Japan Times, Hakone Fujiya hotel and TFC held the joint special event ~Ikebana Demonstration and Workshop for foreigners.
This event was featured in The Japan Time of June 3.



May 12, 2009  :  2009 Members' Exhibition & White Elephant Sale


Members’ Exhibition & White Elephant Sale
TFC Annual General Meeting at Tokyo American Club (tentative new location)



April 21, 2009  :  April Monthly Meeting


At Tokyo Women's Plaza.
Ikebana Demonstration by Mr. Shusui Okumura, Professor of the Council of Ohara Professors, Ohara School.

小原流研究院教授 奥村秀水先生によるいけばなデモンストレーション


April 14, 2009  :  Green Campaign at the Embassy of Afganistan (Photo by Hiroshi Homma)



(no article)


March 6, 2009  :  March Monthly Meeting


At Tokyo Women’s Plaza.
Ikebana Demonstration by Ms. Yumi Yamane, Headmistress of Shinsei-ryu

真生流お家元 山根由美先生によるいけばなデモンストレーション


February 14, 2009  :  Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival Bus Tour


A bus tour to visit the Hina Doll Festival House and the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival in Izu (Shizuoka Prefecture).

文化公園雛の間 雛のつるし祭り、河津さくらまつりを見学するバス旅行


January 27, 2009  :  New Year Luncheon along with TFC Annual Charity Presentation


New Year Luncheon along with TFC Annual Charity Presentation at Hotel Okura Tokyo
Ikebana Demonstration by Ms. Shoen Iwata, Iemoto of Higashi Ikenobo
Entertainment: Japanese Ohayashi.

ホテルオークラ東京において 新年会
東池坊お家元 岩田祥園先生によるいけばなデモンストレーション


December 10, 2008  :  Ikebana International Fair 2008


At Tokyo Prince Hotel.



November 20, 2008  :  November Monthly Meeting


At Tokyo Women’s Plaza, Ikebana Demonstration by Members of Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter.
Ichiyo School, Ikebana Murasaki-kai, Ikenobo Kasuga Koryu, Kozan-ryu, Ohara School Saga Goryu, Sogetsu School, Yamatokadou.



October 24, 2008  :  October Monthly Meeting


At Ikenobo Ochanomizu Gakuin, Ikebana Demonstration by Mr. Shurin Tanaka, Special Life Professor.



September 12, 2008  :  September Monthly Meeting


At Tokyo Women's Plaza, Ikebana Demonstration by Ms. Kozan Okada, Iemoto of Kozan School. Entertainment: Women's Chorus.



June 11, 2008  :  Gala Luncheon


Our June luncheon, which marks the end of our business year 2007 /2008 , featured a demonstration of a major piece by Headmistress designate of Ikenobo school, Ms. Yuki Ikenobo. The piece was contructed with used waribashi, the expendable chopsticks.



May 29, 2008  :  Special Event


TFC collaborated with the Japan Times and Hakone Fujiya Hotel to hold a special event, an Ikebana-workshop-and-Demonstration, at the same Hotel. A number of ambassador's wives, I.I.TFC foreign members, guests and board members participated in this event. The demonstration was performed by Kasuya Naohiro, Ichiyo school Headmaster Designate. The workshops were led by four Ikebana schools there: the Ichiyo,Ikenobo, Ohara,and Sogetsu school. After the workshop. we had kaiseki cuisine for lunch at the KIKKA-SO (a former Imperial villa) located within Fujiya Hotel. Everybody had a wonderful time there at Hakone. This event was featured in The Japan Times on 11 June, 2008 in article entitled "The TFC Sows International Seeds in Hakone"

東京支部、ジャパンタイムス、箱根冨士屋ホテル共催のいけばなデモンストレーション、並びにワークショプが 箱根冨士屋ホテルにて開催された。
一葉式いけ花 粕谷尚弘次期家元のデモンストレーションの後、12カ国の大使夫人、6カ国のI.I.TFC会員、ゲスト、合わせて25名の外国人の方々が、一葉式、池坊、草月、小原流の各先生のワークショプに参加された。


May 13, 2008  :  Annual General Meeting


Annual General Meeting at Tokyo Women's Plaza.
Ikebana Demonstration by Mr.Kuniaki Seki, professor of the council of Ohara Professors, Ohara School.



April 22, 2008  :  Members' Exhibition and White Elephant Sale


Members' Exhibition and White Elephant Sale at Curian Hall.



March 11, 2008  :  March Monthly Meeting


At Sogetsu Hall, Ikebana Demonstration by Mr. Ryu Ishikawa, Master Instructor of Sogetsu Headquarters, Sogetsu School.



February 22, 2008  :  February Monthly Meeting


Visit the residence of Taiwan Representative.



January 29, 2008  :  New Year Luncheon with TFC Annual Charity Presentation


New Year Luncheon with TFC Annual Charity Presentation.
Ikebana Demonstration by Ms.Kogetsu Kamijo, Iemoto of Shinpa Seizan School.
Entertainment: Japanese drums at Tokyo Prince Hotel.

I.I. 名誉総裁の高円宮妃殿下がご出席され、お言葉をいただいた。


December 10, 2007  :  Ikebana International Fair 2007


Tokyo Prince Hotel

35流派の家元のお花の展示に加えて40カ国の大使館の参加があり、各種店舗出された。 名誉総裁の高円宮妃殿下を始め、福田総理夫人、町村官房長官夫人、高村外務大臣夫人も出席されてお買い物やエンターテイメントを楽しまれた。


November 14, 2007  :  November Monthly Meeting


Ikebana Demonstration by Mrs. Mika Tsujii, Vice President of Saga Goryu Kado Geijutsu Gakuin, Saga Goryu.



October 12, 2007  :  October Monthly Meeting


At Tokyo American Club, Ikebana Demonstration by Mr. Seiji Sekimoto, Professor of Ryuei-ha.



September 12, 2007  :  September Monthly Meeting


Domestic Chapters' Tables Ikebana Demonstration by Mr.Akihiko Kasuya, Iemoto of Ichiyo School at Tokyo American Club.


Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter
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