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Activity: June 22, 2012
TFC's 55th Anniversary and June Monthly Meeting

The monthly meeting of the grand finale in 2011-2012 and the last event as 55th commemorative anniversary was held at the Imperial Hotel on June 22, 2012. At first, all participants paid a silent prayer to the late H.I.H. Prince Tomohito, The speech of H.I.H. Princess Takamado confirmed the importance of international communication/exchange. Most of participants admired the demonstration by Ms. Akane Teshigahara, Headmaster of Sogetsu School, who created a dynamic display on the stage, and two master instructors of Sogetsu HQ. Ms. Teshigahara,. Ms. Michiko Motomura, President of TFC, reported activities performed in the year by a slideshow. Most members felt the year passes so fast. Generous applaud was given to the outgoing board members and incoming newly elected officers 2012-2013.

We thank chapter members for kind understanding and support to Tokyo Founding Chapter activities 2011-2012. This editing work for TFC HP is my last job. Thank you very much for supporting me in the last one year. The preparation work for the next year has already started. We would like to ask your support for the new board members in the coming year. Let us expect a good year. Good bye.

6月22日(金曜)帝国ホテルに於いて支部創立55周年記念そして2011−2012年度のフィナーレである月例会が開催されました。プログラムは冒頭の先日ご逝去なさった三笠宮寛仁親王殿下への黙祷から始まり、高円宮妃殿下のお言葉にあらためて国際交流の大切さを認識し、後に続いた草月流家元 勅使河原茜様と他2名の本部講師(福島光加、隅出美泉様)によるダイナミックな舞台展開となったデモンストレーションに感嘆しました。支部長によるスライドを使った年間活動報告には皆様からこの1年の短さを実感する歓声が聞こえ、本年度役員及び次年度役員の挨拶には惜しみない拍手が送られて、充実した内容の盛り込まれた4時間でした。
L to R: Ms.Motomura TFC president, Ms.Akane Teshigahara, Ms.Koka Fukushima, Ms.Bisen Sumide
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