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Activity: November 22, 2013
November Special Meeting
November Special Meeting was held at the Tokyo American Club on November 22, 2013.
First, Madame Shifa Haddad, wife of the Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, gave lecture titled “60 Years of Friendship.” Many photos showing the similarity in architecture, customs, utensils and so on between Japan and Jordan were presented.
Second presentation was done by Ms. Minako Imada, President of International Table Art Academy Association. She lectured about the European hospitality and table settings, as well as etiquette. Three gorgeous tables were displayed in the hall and delicious madeleine-cakes donated by Ms.Imada were served at the tea time. Jordanian specialties, baked goods and handicrafts by members were also to purchase.
先ず、シーファ・ハッダード駐日ヨルダン大使夫人より、「60 Years of Friendship」をテーマに、ヨルダンと日本の長い友好の歴史や両国の類似した文化、建築、習慣等をパワーポイントのスライドショー大画面で紹介されました。
次に、国際食卓芸術アカデミー協会会長、今田美奈子先生が「International Table Art」と題し、 長い海外でのご活躍からヨーロピアンホスピタリティについて、華麗なテーブルセッティングやマナーの興味深い講演でした。Tea Timeでは今田先生からの美味しいマドレーヌとお茶を楽しみました。
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