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Activity: November 21, 2014
November Monthly Meeting

Program: Ikebana Demonstration by Ms. Ami Kudo

As Autumn deepens and the trees around Omotesando change color, the November monthly meeting was held on a calm, fine day.
Ms. Ami Kudo, Associate Professor of the Council of Ohara Professors, wearing a beautiful kimono in a colored leaves motif, showed four ikebana demonstrations.
All the works were gorgeous, and the autumn taste was attractive to the many visitors who filled the meeting place.
We received from two I.I. members.
According to the approval by all board members, Mrs. Noriko Matsudaira was appointed as Honorary Advisor of I.I. TFC by her longtime contribution to I.I.
And we received greetings from Mr. Ken Katayama, chairperson of the eleventh World Convention, to be held in Okinawa in 2017.


青山ダイヤモンドホール ダイヤモンドルームにて小原流研究院助教授 工藤亜美先生のデモンストレーション

紅葉の柄の美しい着物をお召しになった小原流 工藤亜美先生に4点の作品を披露していただきました。
もうお一方は、2017年春に沖縄で開催されます第11回世界大会の大会委員長 片山健様からもご挨拶をいただきました。

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