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Activity: June 10, 2015
June Gala Luncheon
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Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, Ikebana International Honorary President, honored us with her presence, and the demonstration by Ms. Akane Teshigahara, Headmistress of Sogetsu School was to be presented at June Gala Luncheon.
The demonstrations by two Master Instructors of the Sogetsu Headquarters, Ms. Koka Fukushima and Ms. Misei Ishikawa, were also to be presented, together with Ms. Akane Teshigahara.
Ms. Akane Teshigahara prepared a glass vase with Clematis of many colors and a large work full of Magnolia grandiflora and Hydrangea. She then created a long line of bamboo strips with which she connected her works to the previously prepared 2 works of Ms. Ishikawa and 3 works of Ms. Fukushima.
Upon the arrival of Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, a special light show highlighting the works was presented for her enjoyment.
It's beauty brought applause from the entire audience.
After a toast by Mme. Maali Siam, the wife of Ambassador of Palestine, all attendants enjoyed delicious meal, our last before the “Heian no Ma”room closes.
いけばなインターナショナル名誉総裁高円宮妃久子殿下のご臨席のもと、草月流 勅使河原茜家元・本部講師 福島光加先生・本部講師 石川己青先生のデモンストレーションと昼食会が今年度最後の行事として多くのお客様をお迎えし盛大に開催されました。
まず石川己青先生が2作、福島光加先生が3作それぞれの先生方の個性あふれるお作品の後に、ガラス花器にいけられたテッセンの色々が映える季節を感じるお作品と床上がりの力強い緑色の中にタイサンボクとアジサイの花が華やかに彩り、竹の青さと割竹で編んだ帯で舞台を『思いをつなぐ』というお家元の言葉を表すように 輝きがつながりました。
その後、昨年のフェア委員長パレスチナ大使夫人のマーリ シアム様の乾杯のご発声のあと 会場いっぱいのお客様はお食事を楽しまれました。
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