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Activity: November 11, 2015
Monthly Meeting
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The November Monthly Meeting was held with the demonstration by Ms. Riho Miyamoto, Headmistress of Koryu Toyokai Suibokukatemae, and songs by Mr. Youki Shimoji, the tenor as well as the disciple of Koryu Toyokai Suibokukatemae. The theme of the demonstration was "Shimotsuki no Suibokuka Temae".
Beginning with the talk about SUIBOKUKA by Headmistress, the demonstration was conducted by Mr. Rijo Miyamoto, Headmaster-Designate in a friendly atmosphere.
Following the recitation of traditional Japanese poetry by Headmistress, three disciples demonstrated each work while reciting it by turn. This performance called SANKEIDEMAE.
Headmistress and Headmaster-Designate showed us WAKEDEMAE. It combined an elegant movement of Japanese tea ceremony with recitation of traditional Japanese poetry.
Along with the last demonstration, Mr. Shimoji sang some Japanese nursery rhymes and Opera. All the attendees were impressed with the great Ikebana works and captivated by the graceful voice.
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