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Activity: June 9, 2016
Gala Luncheon

Gala Luncheon, the final event of this year, was held at the New Otani on Thursday June 9. H.I.H. Princess Takamado, Ikebana International Honorary President, and H.I.H. Princess Ayako of Takamado honored us with their presence. Ambassador wives, iemotos, and near three hundred guests from Ohara School, so participants were 500.
First of all, Princess Takamado told about the history and the development of Ikebana International.
Mr. Hiroki Ohara, headmaster of Ohara School of Ikebana, gave us an ikebana demonstration. The theme is “Ryokuin Raisan~In Praise of Verdant Shade”. He entertained with Ohara style, a Bunjin arrangement or Rinpa arrangement, etc. with his explanation.
After the lunch, ceremony was conducted to show appreciation to TFC retiring officers and installation of new officers.

今年度最後の行事である昼食会が6月9日ホテルニューオータニに於いて行われました。今回は、名誉総裁高円宮妃久子殿下と共に絢子女王陛下御臨席のもと、300名近い小原流からのお客様、大使夫人、お家元の方々に出席して頂き500 名近い参加者となりました。

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