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Activity: November 17, 2016
November Monthly Meeting

It was the first time to use the venue of Gakusi Kaikan for Tokyo Founding Chapter Monthly Meeting. As monthly meeting in November, demonstration was held by Ms.Misei Ishikawa, Master Instructor of Sogetsu. The theme was “Encountering Human and Botanical”.
First, she arranged an ikebana artwork with using hiippelicum etc. in lacquered basket. And she used her own container which was made of copper plate, iron, and wood, and arranged an ikebana with using moss and floral materials. With using a unique shape of container made by Teshigawara Hiroshi, late Sogetsu lemoto, she arranged flowers and workpiece of bamboo made by herself which evoke the universe.
Finally, with using huge size of bamboo material again, also flowers and washi (Japanese traditional paper) were incorporated into an amazing ikebana artwork. Putting some wind chimes in the work and letting us (attendees) enjoy also the sound in the ikebana arranging inspired us with new possibilities and a potential of Japanese traditional artwork of Ikebana.

11月の例会は、初めて学士会館を使いました。草月会本部講師 石川己青先生による「出会い(人と花・植物)」をテーマとしたデモンストレーションが、行われました。
最初は漆の籠を花器に見立てて、ヒべリカムなどを活けて頂きました。木(ぼく)に銅板と鋲を打ち付けたオリジナルの花器やケヤキの年輪を組み上げた花器に、苔や花々を活けて下さいました。故勅使河原宏家元の個性的な花器に、宇宙を連想させる手造りの竹ひごのオブジェを使い, 活けて頂きました。

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