June 19, 2017

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Greetings from TFC President

Unusually hot summer is gone with the exciting Olympic. It is the time to start activities of a new fiscal year. The present TFC board entering its second year hopes that everything would be more successful this year than last year.
The Fair will be held at Poyal Park Hotel, Nihonbashi Chuo-ku on Monday December 5th, with Madam Christina Escala, wife of Ambassador of Republic of Peru to Japan as the Chairperson. The proceeds from international booths will be donated to the casualty of Kumamoto earthquakes. The Board hopes that the members would support strongly the Fair which is the main event of the TFC. We also encourage you to invite your friends to the Fair.
The 11th World Convention will be held in Okinawa in April 2017. TFC contributes its preparation by participation of TFC members to Committees of the World Convention and by donating 2 Mil JPY for Evening Discussion meeting.
The variety events are waiting for you this year. Your participation to the activities is the best expression of your support to TFC. The Board will make effort to make the activities attracting as many members as possible.

August, 2016
Noriko Kira, President (2016-2017)
Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter

今年度のいけばなインターナショナルフェアはチアパーソンにクリスティーナ エスカラ駐日ペルー共和国大使夫人をお迎えして12月5日に、中央区日本橋のロイヤル パークホテルで開催致します。永年親しんで参りました東京プリンスホテルは改装の為、新しい会場になりました。地下鉄直結で交通の便がとてもいいところです。多くのお友達をお誘い下さり参加されるようにどうか宜しくお願い申し上げます。又インターナショナルブースの収益は熊本地震の被災者支援に寄付される予定です。

いけばなインタ-ナショナル 東京支部
支部長 吉良紀子

Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter
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