President Letter



いけばなインターナショナルはボランティア団体で「いけばなを通じての友好」 をモットーとして活動しております。これからもいけばなを通じて心と心をつなぎ、友情を育て、困難なときにも希望と癒しをもたらし、必要な支援を提供するために、私たちは力を合わせて取り組んでいきましょう。皆さまと共に、心豊かな日々を過ごせることを願っています。

支部長 渡辺美代子

To the members of Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter,

Happy New Year! I would like to extend my heartfelt wishes to all of you for a healthy and happy year ahead. Let us take small steps forward towards new goals and dreams. Thank you for your continued support this year.

On January 1st, 2024, a strong earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa Prefecture. I would like to express my deepest condolences to those who have lost their lives and extend my heartfelt sympathies to all those affected by the disaster. I also pray for safety of everyone in the affected areas.
Ikebana International is a volunteer organization that promotes “Friendship through Flowers.” I hope for a swift resolution to the suffering of people affected by tragic conflicts and natural disasters in the world, wishing them peace and happiness as soon as possible. We will continue our efforts to connect hearts through ikebana, cultivate friendships, bring hope and healing even in difficult times and provide necessary support to those who are in need. Let us work together to achieve these goals.I hope that everyone can spend enriching days together.

President Miyoko Watanabe
Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter

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