Ikebana International

Tokyo Founding Chapter

President Letter

August 2022



支部長  渡辺美代子

President Message

While facing the global uncertainty, the resurgence of new coronavirus infections, extreme weather, etc., we always think what we can do now, and would like to keep moving forward one step at a time.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the four embassies and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for kindly providing a venue for TFC activities in 2022-2023. In addition, we will also hold an event on a weekend so that you can attend with your family and friends.
For each event, we avoid congestion, pay attention to the ventilation of the venue, measure the participants’ temperature, and ask them to wear a mask. The meetings may be canceled at the request of the government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. In that case, we will make a decision to cancel the event and inform you as soon as possible so as not to cause any inconvenience to the members. We will inform you the latest information through our website, so please check it regularly (https://ikebanatokyo.or.jp/).
I feel both honored and humbled when thinking about the responsibility of such an important task which the past TFC president have inherited. We would like to create programs that will please every participating member, increase the number of TFC members and connect with people around the world through the traditional Japanese culture, ikebana. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
In Friendship through Flowers,

Miyoko Watanabe
Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter



Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter has cancelled the monthly meetings since February, and we have been thinking what TFC can do for the members.  Now, with the cooperation of Ikebana schools, we would like to introduce the enjoyment of arranging ikebana at home by putting the following links to each Ikebana school’s social networking sites on our website. We hope you will enjoy them.



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