November Monthly Meeting / 11月例会 2022

The November Monthly Meeting  

“Ikebana Demonstration by Members,”

November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) 

Venue: The multipurpose hall “ESPACIO MEXICANO” of the Embassy of Mexico


The first group Mme. Kaire JURGENSON, the wife of the Estonian Ambassador, and Ms. Ekuko Odake (Sogetsu school).

The second groupMme. Hanan ABUBAKR, the wife of the Egyptian Ambassador, and Ms. Noriko Yasuhara (Ohara school)

The third groupMme. Nuning Wahyuniati AKHMADI, the wife of the Indonesian Ambassador and Ms. Emi Yoshimura (European Flower Academy)

The fourth groupMs. Nobuko Usui (Ohara School) and Ms. Noriko Kira (Sogetsu School)

While listening to the stories of eight people, we enjoyed gorgeous and unique ikebana.

As a souvenir for everyone, we presented agave syrup, which is good for the body and made from agave.




2022年11月16日(水) 会場:メキシコ大使館 多目的ホール「ESPACIO MEXICANO」

【第1グループ】 エストニア大使夫人 Mme. Kaire JURGENSON、小竹永恭子様(草月流)

【第2グループ】 エジプト大使夫人 Mme. Hanan ABUBAKR、安原典子様(小原流)

【第3グループ】 インドネシア大使夫人 Mme. Nuning Wahyuniati AKHMADI、吉村恵美様(ヨーロピアンフ                       ラワーアカデミー)

【第4グループ】          臼井延子様(小原流)、吉良紀子様(草月流)






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