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TFC Ikebana Exhibition in April 2023「花を通じての友好」いけばな展 2023

Ikebana Exhibition 2023 “Friendship through Flowers”

April 15, 2023 (Saturday)               Pre-opening exhibition

April 16, 2023 (Sunday)                 Opening ceremony, Workshop and Exhibition

Venue:  Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, Gallery 1

The event was held at a venue where many people can visit. It was a collaboration of “Ikebana” and “Calligraphy”, the traditional cultures of which we are proud.

At the opening ceremony, the wife of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Yuko Hayashi, the wife of the Angola Ambassador, the President of the Ikebana International Headquarters, and the President of   Tokyo founding Chapter cut the ribbon.

In addition, the president of TFC gave an ikebana demonstration with the students of the Tokyo Metropolitan Setagaya General High School’s Ikebana Club and the son of the Tunisian Ambassador. We hope that this event disseminated Japanese culture to people across generations and countries.

At the same time, calligraphy performance and the workshop by calligrapher, Katsuhiro Miike was held.

The ikebana workshops were organized by Mr. Rishi Otsuka, the Iemoto of Koryu Katabamikai, and Ms. Shoei Fujisawa, the Iemoto of the Soshoryu.  The participants fully enjoyed and tried the arts earnestly.


『Ikebana Exhibition 2023 花を通じての友好』

2023年4月15日(土) プレオープン 展示

2023年4月16日(日) オープニングセレモニー、体験と展示

会場: 東京芸術劇場 (池袋駅直結) 5F ギャラリー1





いけばな体験では、古流かたばみ会家元 大塚理司先生、華道草照流家元 藤澤照瑛先生、書道体験は書道家三池克祐先生が講師をしてくださり、多くの参加者が真剣に取り組まれました。






TFC plans major Ikebana Exhibition on 15 and 16 April with many members and friends.


Visitors are more than welcome and can join workshop of Ikebana and calligraphy. Please see the details in the following. 



Ikebana Exhibition by TFC Members March 2022/会員によるいけばな展 2022年3月

The 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between
Japan and Pakistan
Sakura Tree Planting Ceremony and
Ikebana Exhibition by TFC Members

The Sakura planting and Ikebana exhibition was streamed on YouTube.  Please enjoy it.








Ikebana Exhibition by TFC Members

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Pakistan, Ikebana Exhibition by TFC Members will be held at the Embassy of Pakistan.  We hope that this will be a good opportunity to deepen the ties between Pakistan and Japan and to expand exchanges with many people through Ikebana.  At the Ikebana Exhibition, each work will be streamed on YouTube at a later date. Depending on the situation of the spread of Coronavirus infection, the Ikebana Exhibition may be held unattended.  In that case, we will inform you on our website, so please be sure to check it.

Date: Monday, March 28th, 2022  11:30-15:30 Open to public 

You cannot enter the venue before 11:30.  

Venue: Embassy of Pakistan  4-6-17, Minamiazabu, Minato-ku

Organized by Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter/Embassy of Pakistan



日時:2022年3月28日(月) 11:30-15:30 一般公開  


会場:駐日パキスタン大使館  東京都港区南麻布4-6-17



Ikebana exhibition for TFC members was held at KKR Hotel Tokyo on April 16th, 2019.

Four Ikebana iemotos, eight spouses of ambassadors, 63 TFC members joined and 76 Ikebana works were exhibited.

2019年4月16日 KKRホテルにおいて、会員の花展が開催されました。



Ikebana Exhibition

The Ikebana Exhibition by TFC members was held at KKR Hotel in Tokyo on 16th April 2018.
Many TFC members participated in this Flower Exhibition.
The ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted by I.I.Headquarters
President Ms.Diana Salansky and I.I.Tokyo Founding Chapter President Ms.Misako Ishii.
The Exhibition, attended by over 300 guests including Iemoto of the Ikebana School and the wives of the ambassadors, was a great success.
Many guests could enjoy the flower workshop and the White Elephant sale and the Bake sale were also successfully sold out.
Thank you very much for your support.



会員の花展作品はこちら Ikebana Photo Gallery


Ikebana Exhibition

TFC members’ Ikebana Exhibition was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar in Japan on March 3. 2017. 61 TFC members participated in this event. The Ikebana International President Junko Katano and Ms. Yuko Kishida visited this exhibition. The ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted by Ms. Rosette Lalatiana RASOAMANARIVO, Ms. Yuko Kishida and TFC President Ms. Noriko Kira to celebrate the opening of the Exhibition.
Many guests visited the Embassy and enjoyed the Ikebana Exhibition. The visitors also enjoyed shopping various indigenous products of Madagascar such as Vanilla Sticks and handicrafts.
The success of this exhibition owes much to Ms. Rosette Lalatiana RASOAMANARIVO, Charge d’ Affaires of Madagascar Embassy devoted cooperation.


TFC会員によるいけばな展が3月3日に、ラソアマナリヴォ ロゼット ララティアナ代理大使の御計らいで、マダカスカル大使館で開催されました。TFC会員61名が参加しました。片野順子いけばなインターナショナル会長及び、岸田裕子外務大臣夫人が来賓されました。ラソアマナリヴォ ロゼット ララティアナ、マダカスカル代理大使、岸田裕子外務大臣夫人、吉良紀子東京支部長によりテープカットがされました。
沢山のゲストの皆様に大使館にお越し頂き、多くのいけばなを御覧頂きました。また、マダカスカル産のバニラビーンズやハンディークラフトグッズのお買い物を楽しまれました。いけばな展は、ラソアマナリヴォ ロゼット ララティアナ代理大使の御厚意により、成功裡に終わりました。


Ikebana Exhibition

Ikebana Exhibition by TFC members for the Commemoration of 60th Anniversary was held at Aoyama Diamond Hall on March 16. 113 participants, including iemotos and people related embassies, displayed their creative work.
In the cafe corner, the activities of the TFC displayed throughout the day by the slideshow.
Free ikebana lesson workshops were popular, and more than 30 women from diplomatic communities in Japan participated. First, there was a lecture of Ikebana by Mrs. Tsujii Mika of Saga Goryu. After that, three of schools’ teachers taught Ikebana each tables.
White Elephant sale was very successful. It gained a record profit. We greatly appreciate your kind cooperation.


3月16日(水)青山ダイヤモンドホールにて、いけばなインターナショナル東京支部60周年記念  会員による花展が開催されました。10流派家元、4大使館を含め113名が参加し、賑やかな花展となりました。



Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter 55th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition was held at Hotel Okura Tokyo on March 2nd. Nine schools and more than 100 members created beautiful works and celebrated the Anniversary.
In commemoration luncheon, Headmasters and Headmistresses of Ikebana schools and Honorary Advisor of TFC talked about the chapter’s history. The party was held in a nice atmosphere from the beginning to the end. After the party, a tape cutting ceremony was held in front of the exhibition hall at 1:00 PM. The stream of visitors was never broken despite the heavy rain and the hall was alive all the time. A tower of flowers as a memorial to Tohoku earthquake disaster victims was set in the exhibition hall, and everybody had placed flowers in the tower. It was complete around 3 PM. TFC would like to thank participants for their cooperation.
Tokyo Founding Chapter has already begun to walk towards the 60th anniversary.


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