カテゴリー: Monthly Meeting 2022-2023

November Monthly Meeting / 11月例会 2022

11月例会 「会員によるいけばなデモンストレーション」開催

November Monthly Meeting

“Ikebana Demonstration by Members,” was held on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, from 1:00 p.m. at the multipurpose hall, “ESPACIO MEXICANO” of the Embassy of Mexico (Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku).

Those who had applied to perform and who had been requested to were assigned to four different groups, and the respective pairs gave demonstrations on the stage.

Mme. Kaire JURGENSON, the wife of the Estonian Ambassador and Ms. Ekuko Odake of the Sogetsu School performed in the first group, Mme. Hanan ABUBAKR, the wife of the Egyptian Ambassador and Ms. Noriko Yasuhara of the Ohara School in the second group, Mme. Nuning Wahyuniati AKHMADI, the wife of the Indonesian Ambassador and Ms. Emi Yoshimura of the European Flower Academy in the third group. Finally, Ms. Nobuko Usui of the Ohara School and Ms. Noriko Kira of the Sogetsu School performed in the fourth group.

While interviewing the demonstrators, we enjoyed gorgeous and unique ikebana.

 When we pass from the gate of the embassy to the entrance of the hall, we were able to see the large agaves and cacti, and while listening to the Mexican background music, we spent a wonderful time enjoying the atmosphere of Mexico. The attendants received agave syrup, as a souvenir, which is made from agave and good for health.

2022年11月16日(水)午後1時より、メキシコ大使館(千代田区永田町)の多目的ホール「ESPACIO MEXICANO」にて、11月例会「会員によるいけばなデモンストレーション」を開催しました。


第1グループはエストニア大使夫人 Mme. Kaire JURGENSON と草月流の小竹永恭子様

第2グループはエジプト大使夫人 Mme. Hanan ABUBAKRと小原流の安原典子様

第3グループはインドネシア大使夫人 Mme. Nuning Wahyuniati AKHMADI とヨーロピアンフラワーアカデミーの吉村恵美様





October Monthly Meeting / 10月例会 2022

インド大使公邸植樹式と10月例会 / October Monthly Meeting

「小原流講師によるいけばなデモンストレーション」開催 /

Ikebana demonstration by the Ohara Professor of Ohara school


On October 12, 2022 (Wed) from 10:00 am, at the Indian Ambassador’s official residence (Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku), Sakura tree planting ceremony was held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the independence of India and the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and India. In the presence of Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, Honorary President of Ikebana International, Ambassador of India, His Excellency Mr. Sanjay Kumar Verma, the spouse of Ambassador, Mme. Gunjan Verma, Mrs. Yuko Kishida, the spouse of the Prime Minister, and Mrs. Yuko Hayashi, the spouse of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, we planted a Sakura tree called “Kanzan”. As a proof of the friendship between Japan and India, we hope that it will take root and grow into splendid flowers. After that, from 1:00 pm, the October monthly meeting was held at the Auditorium of the Embassy of India (Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku). The theme of the ikebana demonstration by Ms. Hakuyo Abiru, Assistant Professor of the Council of the Ohara Professors of Ohara school, was ‘Sparkling autumn breeze’, and a gorgeous and calm ikebana work was completed. The participants were deeply moved by Ms. Abiru’s talk about the flower materials which her mother carefully nurtured in her garden, and enjoyed a relaxing and warm autumn afternoon.


いけばなインターナショナル名誉総裁 高円宮妃久子殿下ご臨席の元、サンジェイ・クマール・ヴァルマ大使閣下、グンジャン・ヴァルマ大使夫人、内閣総理大臣夫人 岸田裕子様、外務大臣夫人 林裕子様のご出席をいただき、関山(カンザン)という八重桜を植樹いたしました。









September Monthly Meeting / 9月例会 2022

September Monthly Meeting

On Sunday, September 25th, we held our first regular meeting for this term.

The demonstrations by the Iemoto Designate of SHOFU School of Ikebana, Mr. Oshun Tsukagoshi captivated the audience, and jazz musicians, Mr. Tamashii Goto (piano), Mr. Goro Katano (bass), and Mr. Tetsuro Hayashi (sax), colored the three demonstrations with their improvisation.

After that Mme. Anna Högberg, the spouse of Swedish Ambassador, joined the performance with her beautiful voice.

The collaboration between ikebana demonstration and performance of Jazz music on stage attracted the attendees and received many compliments.




いけばな松風 副家元の塚越応駿先生の歯切れの良いいけばなのデモンストレーションは観る人々をくぎ付けにし、後藤魂氏(ピアノ)、片野吾朗氏(ベース)、林哲郎氏(サックス)の各ジャズ奏者がアドリブで3作のデモを彩りました。





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