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Join us at June Gala 6月 ガラ昼食会のご案内


6月14日 いけばなデモンストレーション・義援金贈呈式・ガラ昼食会のご案内

Non-members of TFC are welcome to join us at the prestigious luncheon and donation ceremony. Please contact via e-mail to our office to book in advance.


Join us at June Gala 6月 ガラ 昼食会のご案内


6月14日 ガラ昼食会のご案内

Non-members of TFC are all welcome to join us at the prestigious luncheon and donation ceremony. Please feel free to register.


TFC Ikebana Exhibition in April 2023「花を通じての友好」いけばな展 2023

『Ikebana Exhibition 2023 “Friendship through Flowers”


Organized by Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter / Embassy of the Republic of Angola

April 15th (Sat): Exhibition Previews: 16:00-19:00

April 16 (Sun): Opening Ceremony, Exhibition and Workshops: 10:00-16:30

Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Gallery One


This event was held with the aim of collaborating cultures of “Ikebana” and “Calligraphy”; the  traditional cultures that Japan can be proud of, and disseminating those Japanese cultures  to reach more people beyond national borders and generations.

We invited the spouses of ambassadors from various countries to participate in the event, and offered them the opportunity to experience the cultures of Ikebana. Their Ikebana arrangements were exhibited too with the flavor of their own countries, so their cultures are also expressed together.

At the opening ceremony, the spouse of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Yuko Hayashi, the spouse of the Ambassador of Angola, the president of Ikebana International Headquarters, and the president of Tokyo Founding Chapter cut the ribbon.

After taking a commemorative photo with the ambassadors, their spouses, and Iemotos of ikebana, the TFC president gave an ikebana demonstration with the students of the Tokyo Metropolitan Setagaya General High School’s flower arrangement club members and the son of the Tunisian ambassador.

At the same time as the ikebana demonstration, a calligraphy performance was presented by a calligrapher, Mr. Katsuhiro Miike as well.

Ikebana workshops were organized by the Iemotos; Mr.Rishi Otsuka of the Koryu Katabami-kai and Mr. Shoei Fujisawa of Soshoryu school, along with the calligraphy workshop by Mr. Katsuhiro Miike, the calligrapher. Participants fully enjoyed and tried the arts seriously.

This ikebana exhibition was open to public, which broadly conveyed Japanese cultures that attracted many visitors to the venue. The event was videoed and will be available for viewers of the TFC website with the embedded YouTube channel. Please enjoy viewing the scenes.

主催:いけばなインターナショナル東京支部/       アンゴラ共和国大使館



4月16日(日) Opening Ceremony、体験と展示10:00~16:30








いけばなはお家元、古流かたばみ会 大塚理司先生、華道草照流 藤澤照瑛先生、書道は書道家三池克祐先生が講師をしてくださり、多くの参加者が鑑賞するだけでなく、実際に真剣に取り組まれました。


May Monthly Meeting 5月例会のご案内 

May Monthly Meeting scheduled as in the following agenda. Members and non-members of TFC are welcome to join us.

Please e-mail us or contact the office for advance booking.



March Monthly Meetin 3月例会2023

March Monthly Meeting / Ikebana Demonstration by Kagei Adachi School

三月例会 / 花芸安達流二代主宰によるいけばなデモンストレーション

The March monthly meeting was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Angola, by courtesy of Mme. Maria de Fatima Xavier, the spouse of Angola Ambassador.

We enjoyed the Ikebana demonstration by Ms. Toko Adachi, Second Grand Flower Master of  Kagei Adachi School and then we listened the music by Ange Musique group, Ms. Ichiko Tanaka (Clarinetist), Ms. Mayumi Hosaka (Flutist), Ms. Yoko Ito (Pianist) and Ms. Naomi Takahashi.

The theme of Ikebana demonstration was done on the theme, ‘Hanagoromo’. In the first ikebana demonstration, cherry blossoms and camellias were beautifully arranged in the bamboo container that was widely placed on the stage, and the performance of Ange Musique was harmonized well.

A light and bright spring was beautifully produced with “Yose Ike” by the distinguished guests.

Ange Musique’s performance wrapped the venue elegantly, and they accepted the encore and everyone listened their music intently.

After the meeting, the attendees enjoyed the tea time with the hospitality of Mme. Xavier.

3月例会はアンゴラ大使夫人マリア・デ・ファティマ・シャビエール様のご厚意により、アンゴラ大使館で開催しました。花芸安達流 二代主宰 安達曈子先生によるいけばなデモンストレーションを拝見し、Ange Musique (アンジェミュジーク) 代表のクラリネット奏者 田中伊知子様とフルート奏者の保坂真弓様、ピアノ演奏の伊藤陽子様、高橋奈織美様は譜面めくりをしてくださり、演奏といけばなが折り重なり流れました。

花芸安達流二代主宰 安達曈子先生のいけばなのテーマは 「花衣」で、1作目は舞台に大きく配置された美しい竹の構成に桜と椿が見事に映え、Ange Musique (アンジェミュジーク) の演奏が調和し、ご出席の来賓による「寄せ生け」で軽やかな明るい春を演出されました。

Ange Musiqueの演奏は会場を優雅に包み、アンコールも受けて下さり皆様も聴き入っていらっしゃいました。例会後は大使夫人のおもてなしによるティータイムを会場の皆様は楽しまれました。











February Monthly Meeting / 2月例会 2023

February Monthly Meeting / Ikebana Demonstration by  Sogetsu School

2月例会 / 草月流講師によるいけばなデモンストレーション

The February Monthly Meeting was held at the official residence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia by courtesy of Mme. Nuning Akhmadi, the spouse of the Ambassador.

Ms. Kazuko Nakada, the Master Instructor of the Sogetsu Headquarters gave the demonstration on the theme, ‘Joining the World together with Ikebana’.  Her ingenuity and vivid handling added color to the bright venue.

Following the demonstration, a fashion show was held to introduce the works of a designer,       Ms. Hatsumi Yoshida and Indonesian traditional costumes. Some TFC members walked the runway gracefully and lightly as its models.

Finally, the ambassadors’ wives arranged bundles of Anthurium and New Zealand flax made by    Ms. Kazuko Nakada in the colored bamboo artwork, and their final work, “Joining the World together with Ikebana”, was completed.

After the monthly meeting, Mme. Nunig Akhmadi hosted the hospitality tea time, which had been suspended for sometime due to the pandemic, and everyone had a happy and peaceful time.

2月例会は、駐日インドネシア共和国大使夫人 ヌニン アフマディ様のご厚意により、大使公邸にて、草月流本部講師 中田和子師範によるいけばなデモンストレーションが行われました。










Change of Date, June Gala Event 6月ガラ日程変更のお知らせ

Please be informed that the June program, “Donation ceremony and the Gala Luncheon 2023”, ”Ikebana Demonstration by Ms. Akane Teshigahara, Iemoto of Sogetsu School” will be held at Hotel New Otani Tokyo on June 14 (Wed.) 11:00-15:00 instead of June 1st.
Members, friends, and non-members of TFC are all welcome to participate in June program. Thank you for your understanding.

6月プログラム義援金贈呈式と昼食会「草月流家元 勅使河原茜先生によるいけばなデモンストレーション」の日程が以下の通りに変更になりますので、お知らせいたします。

変更前 6月1日(水) → 変更後 6月14日(水)11:00〜15:00


TFC IKEBANA EXHIBITION APRIL 2023 / 東京支部いけばな展開催のご案内

TFC plans major Ikebana Exhibition on 15 and 16 April with many members and friends.


Visitors are more than welcome and can join workshop of Ikebana and calligraphy. Please see the details in the following. 


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