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Notice of cancellation of May Monthly Meeting and June Gala Lunch on

Notice of cancellation of May Monthly Meeting and June Gala Lunch on


Notice of cancellation of May Monthly Meeting and June Gala Lunch on

We planned to hold the May Monthly Meeting on Thursday, May 14th at International House of Japan and June Gala lunch on June 15th at Meijikinenkan. However, considering the risks to the public health due to the continuing spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have now decided to cancel the May and June Meeting.

Though we planned to hold the AGM on May 14th at International House of Japan, as we would like to avoid the gathering of many people, we will cancel the meeting at International House of Japan. Instead, we will ask you to send the proxy by postal mail. In case we may close the TFC office due to the request of the Japanese Government and Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we will not be able to send the postal mail. Please check TFC’s website (https://ikebanatokyo.or.jp) on a regular basis.

As unpredictable things have been happening in the spread of coronavirus infection in the world, we are struggling to cope with this situation. I pray that the safe days come back as soon as possible and we can see each other very soon.




今後、国、東京都の要請を受けましてオフィスを閉鎖する 可能性もございますので、メーリングが困難な状況も予想されます。是非、ホームページ(https://ikebanatokyo.or.jp)を定期的にチェックしていただけますようお願いいたします。


Notice of Cancellation of April Monthly Meeting

Notice of Cancellation of April Monthly Meeting


Notice of Cancellation of April Monthly Meeting

We planned to hold the April Monthly Meeting on Tuesday, April 21st at Shibuya-ku Cultural Center Owada, Densho Hall, the collaboration of Ikebana by Mr. Kosen Ohtsubo, Ryuseiha and Noh Play by Mr. Takao Yamauchi.  However, considering the risks to the public health due to the continuing spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have now decided to cancel the April Meeting.  Though we want to postpone this event in future, it is very difficult to decide the specific date at this moment.  I would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  I hope the spread of coronavirus will cease very soon and we will be able to conduct the various TFC activities as usual.


4月21日(火)、渋谷区民文化センター大和田、伝承ホールにおいて、龍生派家元顧問教授、大坪光泉先生による立華のデモンストレーションと、宝生流シテ方の山内崇生様によるお能とのコラボレーションを予定しておりました。しかしながら、新型コロナウイルス感染拡大防止のために会合などを自粛することを与儀なくされている現在の状況を鑑み、4月例会を中止 することといたしました。現時点では、延期する場合の開催日を設定することが大変難しい状況です。何卒皆様のご理解をいただきたくどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。


Notice of Cancellation of March 30 Members Ikebana Exhibition

Notice of Cancellation of March 30 Members Ikebana Exhibition


Notice of Cancellation of March 30 Members Ikebana Exhibition


Due to the government’s request, the TFC members ikebana exhibition on Monday, March 30, at KKR Hotel Tokyo will also not be held.

At this time, we have not decided whether the members exhibition will only be postponed or whether we will cancel it entirely. We will decide about that later.

Please check this web page for the latest information.


We appreciate your understanding. We wish that health risks from the coronavirus will cease very soon.







Notice to cancel MONTHLY MEETING

Notice to cancel




Notice to cancel TFC February Monthly Meeting


According to the emergency situation of the Coronavirus spreading, Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter decided today to cancel the February Monthly Meeting which was scheduled to be held on Friday, February 28that Sogetsu Hall.  We deeply apologize to the members and guests who wanted to participate in this event.






Tokyo Founding Chapter February Monthly Meeting


A Happy New Year! I wish your health and happy life in 2020. It is the year of Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games. I hope that Ikebana, the Japanese traditional art form, will be introduced to the world on this occasion.

We would like to inform you our February Monthly Meeting will be held as follows.         The Ikebana demonstration will be given by Ms. Suikei Sakaguchi, Master Instructor of the Sogetsu Headquarters (who conducts International Class).  She was awarded Teshigahara Akane Award in 2007 and Sogetsu Honor Award in 2017. She has been giving the demonstrations and lessons for the guests from more than 50 countries. Her approach to creation is “How well can you transform materials?”, which leads to the joy of new discovery. The theme of the demonstration this time is “2020 Spring Tune ~ flower’s graceful rhythm”.

Please join us for this monthly meeting.


Date:     Friday, February 28th    1:00 p.m.~3:30 p.m.

(12:30 Reception desk opens.)

Place:    Sogetsu Hall

7-2-21, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8505

5-min. walk from Aoyama Itchome Station, Exit No. 4

(Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line and

Toei Subway Oedo Line)

*Ikebana Demonstration by Ms. Suikei Sakaguchi,

  Master instructor of the Sogetsu Headquarters

Theme: “2020 Spring Tune ~ flower’s graceful rhythm”

Fee:      TFC Member                     \3,000

Other Chapter Member     \3,500

Guest                                 \4,000


Reservation & Payment Deadline: Friday, February 14th  

Cancellation Deadline: Friday, February 21st

Please note that a refund is not possible if one is unable to attend.

Payment information for TFC’s account at Yucho Bank (Japan Post Bank):

Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter

Account: 00160-7-633276

For your reservation and payment, please complete the correspondence column and other necessary information on the enclosed payment slip and pay fee(s) into the TFC’s account at Yucho Bank.  Please give your mobile number which can be accessed on the payment slip for emergency contact.

Your receipt is your confirmation, so please bring it to the meeting. Please be aware the fee is not refundable in case of unavoidable cancellation of the Meeting due to emergency.


新年を迎え、皆様のご健康とご多幸をお祈りいたします。また、2020年は東京オリンピック、 パラリンピックの年でございます。いけばなという日本の伝統的な文化が世界に発信されることを願っております。

2月例会は、草月ホールにて、草月流本部講師の坂口水恵先生によるデモンストレーションでございます。先生は、2007年に勅使河原茜賞を、2017年に草月栄誉賞を受賞され、これまで50ヶ国以上の海外からのお客様にデモンストレーションやレッスンを行ってきました。「素材の変貌による発見」を大事にされている先生の今回のテーマは「2020春の調べ 綾なす花のリズムに乗せて」です。どうぞふるってご参加ください。

日時: 2020年2月28日(金)午後1時 – 3時30分


場所: 草月ホール

〒107-8505 東京都港区赤坂7-2-21




* 草月流本部講師 坂口水恵先生によるいけばな デモンストレーション 

テーマ「2020春の調べ 綾なす花のリズムに乗せて」 


会費: 東京支部会員  3,000円

他支部会員    3,500円

ゲスト(非会員)       4,000円



・ 同封いたしました払込取扱票の通信欄に必要事項をご記入の上、ゆうちょ銀行の口座にお振込みください。 緊急時対応のため、連絡がつくお電話番号を必ずご記入下さい。






郵便振替 いけばなインターナショナル東京支部

口座番号 00160-7-633276 ※銀行からのお振込も可能です。

ゆうちょ銀行  〇一九(ゼロイチキュウ)店  当座 0633276

申込み・お支払い期限:    2月14日(金)                       

キャンセル期限:    2月21日(金)




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