The annual I.I.Fair was held at Royal Park Hotel on Monday December 5, under the auspices of Fair Chairperson Cristina Escala, wife of the Ambassador of Peru. Thirty five Ikebana works by Japanese representative school Iemotos were exhibited. The venue, Royal Hall, was occupied by the international booths which twenty three Ambassadors spouses, the I.I. Headquarters, domestic Chapters, and many kinds of enterprises held. We had an entertainment of the Peruvian Folk Dance and Music, followed by the raffle. Towards 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, 「KIMONO PROJECT」 is to express 196 countries with Kimono and Obi (Sash worn with a kimono ). This time, at the fair, Kimono and Obi having a design of Peru’s world heritage was exhibited in the lobby. Finally, the proceeds of the international booth went to the people who were affected by Kumamoto earthquake.

今年も恒例のいけばなインターナショナルフェアが12月5日(月)ロイヤルパークホテルで開催されました。今年度のフェア委員長は駐日ペルー共和国大使夫人クリスティーナ、エスカラ様が務められました。日本を代表する35のいけばなの家元作品が展示されました。ロイヤルホールは、23ヶ国の大使夫人によるインターナショナルブース、いけばなインターナショナル本部、国内支部、そして多種多様の店舗で賑わいました。 ペルーのフォークダンスと音楽に続いて、ワッフルの抽選会が行われました。2020年東京オリンピック、パラリンピックに向けて、196ヶ国を着物と帯で表現する「KIMONO PROJECT」が企画されています。その中でペルーの世界遺産を図案として織り込んだ着物と帯がロビーに展示されました。尚、インターナショナルのブースの収益は、熊本地震の被災者の方々に寄付されました。



Receiving a request from The University of Tokyo International Headquarters international Planning Division, TFC members gave a demonstration and workshop at KAITOKUKAN in Tokyo University Campus to the wives of people coming from ACEAN countries to attend an international conference.
First, Mrs.Okawara, the TFC member arranged Moribana using a Kenzann (needle pinholder for flowers) and Nageire using a vase while explaining Ikebana.
Secondly, the TFC member Mrs. Silvia exhibited Ikebana free style using a cellophane.
After two demonstrations, participants did the workshop with a vase containing an oasis.
Although there was a bit of a struggle at first , they arranged their works eagerly, they were able to finish satisfying works.
TFC members and participants spent an unforgettable day through Ikebana. We will continue this project as an annual project.



Ikebana Exhibition

Ikebana Exhibition by TFC members for the Commemoration of 60th Anniversary was held at Aoyama Diamond Hall on March 16. 113 participants, including iemotos and people related embassies, displayed their creative work.
In the cafe corner, the activities of the TFC displayed throughout the day by the slideshow.
Free ikebana lesson workshops were popular, and more than 30 women from diplomatic communities in Japan participated. First, there was a lecture of Ikebana by Mrs. Tsujii Mika of Saga Goryu. After that, three of schools’ teachers taught Ikebana each tables.
White Elephant sale was very successful. It gained a record profit. We greatly appreciate your kind cooperation.


3月16日(水)青山ダイヤモンドホールにて、いけばなインターナショナル東京支部60周年記念  会員による花展が開催されました。10流派家元、4大使館を含め113名が参加し、賑やかな花展となりました。


The annual I.I. Fair was held at Tokyo Prince Hotel on Monday, December 7. H.I.H. Princess Takamado, Ikebana International Honorary President, honored us with her presence at the Fair. Madam Dewi L.lhza Mahendra, the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Japan, was Fair 2015 Chairperson, and Ms.Tamaki Morii was Coordinator. Iemotos of 35 Ikebana schools participated to display Ikebana Exhibition. The embassies of 25 countries, 3 domestic chapters and 4 charitable organizations also participated. There were 26 various shops and TFC member’s booths. The proceeds from embassies booths will be donated to UNICEF and Oxfam.
In the afternoon, participants enjoyed the raffle and the entertainment with traditional Indonesian dance.

恒例のI.I.フェアは、I.I.名誉総裁高円宮妃久子殿下の御臨席を賜り,12月7日[月]に東京プリンスホテルで開催されました。デビイ ルシアナ イーサ マヘンドラ駐日インドネシア共和国大使夫人をフェア委員長にお迎えして、森井環コーディネータのもと、35流派のお家元による花展、25か国の大使館、3国内支部、4福祉団体などのバザー、バラエテーに富んだ26の出店、会員による手作りのコーナーなどで華やかな会場となりました。大使館の売上はオックスファムジャパンとユにセフに寄付されます。

Presenting bouquet flowers


TFC presented beautiful bouquet flowers to the 25 youths, who were raised in childcare institutions on the occasion of the Coming-of-Age Day Celebration held by the youths’ Welfare Center on Jan.10th,2015. TFC president and project members were invited to the Celebration Party at the Hotel Lungwood in Nippori, Arakawa. The bouquet flowers were handed to each of the youths and appreciated very much. The project was successful and meaningful.



Under a winter sky, Fair 2014 was opened to the warm welcome of large numbers of guests. H.I.H. Princess Takamado honored us with her presence. One of the Fair’s purposes is to aid UNICEF gather donations for the needy worldwide.
Mme. Maali Siam, the wife of Ambassador of Palestine, provided energy for the success of the Fair as the Chairperson.
A number of traditional Palestinian fashions were shown during dances and a fashion show as part of the entertainment. In Magnolia Hall, works by Iemotos of 34 different schools were exhibited, while in ‘Ho-Oh-No-Ma’ a bazaar was held including booths from over 30 different embassies and many domestic vendors. Guests had great fun enjoying shopping and raffles.


Welfare project ikebana workshop 2014

“Ikebana workshop”requested by Welfare section of Akasaka Regional City Office, Minato Ward was held as a Welfare project. The workshop was set for elderly local residents. 18 participants and their voluntary supporters enjoyed the program. All of them had a wonderful and rewarding time.



Ikebana International Fair 2013 was held at the Tokyo Prince Hotel on the rainy December 10th. Every participant enjoyed this event including ikebana exhibition by 35 Iemotos of ikebana school, shopping at 20 Embassy booths, performance of Swiss music and exciting raffle lottery.


Welfare project child care center souai-en 2013

ウェルフェアプロジェクト/茨城県土浦市 児童養護施設窓愛園

We visited the Child Care Center Souai-en in the wonderful environment of rural landscape and overlooking Mt. Tsukuba, and enjoyed Ikebana with twenty three children .T.F.C. members gave the demonstration, and we had the workshop. We shared the pleasure of touching flowers with the children. This time we were able to see children with beautiful smile and touch their innocent mind. We continue this project next year, and look forward to seeing children with smile again.

筑波山を望む素晴らしい環境にある児童養護施設 窓愛園で、デモンストレーションとワークショップを行い23名の子供たちと一緒にいけばなを楽しんで来ました。子供たちの笑顔と素直な気持ちに触れることが出来き、来期も子供たちの笑顔を楽しみに続けて行きたいと思います。

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