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Ikebana Exhibition by TFC Members March 2022/会員によるいけばな展 2022年3月

The 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between
Japan and Pakistan
Sakura Tree Planting Ceremony and
Ikebana Exhibition by TFC Members

On March 28th, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Pakistan, Sakura Tree Planting Ceremony and Ikebana Exhibition by TFC Members were held at the Embassy of Pakistan with the presence of HIH Princess Takamado.  It became a good opportunity to deepen the ties between Pakistan and Japan and to expand exchanges with many people through Ikebana exhibition by TFC members.
The Sakura planting and Ikebana exhibition will be streamed on YouTube very soon.





April Monthly Meeting 2022 / 4月例会 2022

April Monthly Meeting

We are very sorry that we had to cancel the February Meeting in consideration of your health and safety in the current situation of the Coronavirus spread.  We sincerely hope that you take good care of yourself.  Wishing the situation is getting better, we will hold the April Monthly Meeting, the Collaboration of Ikebana and Noh play.  The Ikebana demonstration will be given by Mr. Kosen Ohtsubo, Ryuseiha. The Noh will be performed by Mr. Takao Yamauchi, Hoshoryu Noh actor.  After the demonstration of Ikebana, the presentation of Noh in general and Noh Music will be given, then, “Hajitomi (The Wicket Gate)” will be performed.  Please join us for this monthly meeting. Depending on the spread of Covid-19, the meeting may be cancelled or the place may be changed.  In that case we will inform you on our website: https://ikebanatokyo.or.jp.  I would appreciate your understanding.

Date:​ Wednesday, April 20th  
          1:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

(12:00 Reception desk opens.)  

Place:​ Densho Hall Shibuyaku Cultural Center Owada  23-21, Sakuragaoka, Shibuya-ku 

5-min. walk from JR Shibuya Station West exit

*Ikebana Demonstration by Mr. Kosen Ohtsubo, Designated advisory teacher

*Noh presentation by Mr. Takao Yamauchi , Noh actor of Hoshoryu, and other actors and Noh musicians

Theme: Collaboration of Ikebana and Noh play, Hajitomi    (The Wicket Gate)”

Fee:TFC Member​​  JPY4,000

Other Chapter Member​  JPY4,500

Guest​​​  JPY4,900

Reservation & Payment Deadline: Wednesday, April 13

Cancellation Deadline: Friday, April 15

Please note that a refund is not possible after the cancelation deadline.

TFC Members:

Payment information for TFC’s account at Yucho Bank (Japan Post Bank):

For your reservation and payment, please complete the correspondence column and other necessary information on the payment slip which we sent you before and pay fee(s) into the TFC’s account at Yucho Bank.  Please give your mobile number which can be accessed on the payment slip for emergency contact. Your receipt is your confirmation, so please bring it to the meeting. Please be aware the fee is not refundable in case of unavoidable cancellation of the Meeting due to emergency.


Please contact to TFC office (Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11:00~15:00)

Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter

 5F, Misaki Bldg., 3-28-9 Kanda Ogawamachi,​ ​Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052  ​​    

Tel: 03-3295-0720   Fax: 03-5283-3199





午後1 3時30分 (1200分受付)



JR渋谷駅 西口より徒歩5分

* 龍生派 家元顧問教授、大坪光泉先生によるいけばな デモンストレーション 

* 宝生流 能シテ方 山内崇生様による能のプレゼン テーション、能楽の紹介



会費:東京支部会員​ 4,000

他支部会員​ 4,500

ゲスト(非会員)​ 4,900












101-0052 千代田区神田小川町3-28-9三東(みさき)ビル5F

Tel.03-3295-0720 Fax.03-5283-3199

Special Program January 2022 特別プログラム 2022年1月

January Special Program

Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter Special Program “The bond between India and Japan through flowers” was held at the embassy of India on Thursday, January 20th.

By the direction of Mme. Gunjan Verma, the spouse of ambassador of India, 26 sarees are shown at the fashion show with bouquets which were made by TFC members.  H.E. Ambassador of India, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Verma, Mme. Gunjan Verma, Mrs. Yuko Hayashi, the spouse of minister of foreign affairs, Junko Katano, the president of Tokyo Founding Chapter gave speeches.

We celebrated the confluence of Japanese and Indian tradition through Ikebana and Saree.





Cancellation of February Monthly Meeting 2022年2月例会中止について

Cancellation of February Monthly Meeting

2022年 2月例会中止について

I wish you a happy new year full of happiness and good health.

Ikebana International Fair 2021 on December 14th last year ended successfully with about 1500 visitors, but no coronavirus-infection has been reported. We also received the donation from the embassies for 1,102,180 JPY. We are grateful to all of you for your cooperation. A video of the Fair’s ribbon-cutting ceremony and a link to the YouTube of the ikebana exhibition by Iemotos have been posted on TFC’s website. Please take a look at it.

We would like to inform you that February Monthly Meeting scheduled to be held at Sogetsu Hall on February 9th by Ms. Junga Shinozaki, Master Instructor of Sogetsu Headquarters, has been cancelled due to the spread of coronavirus infection, considering everyone’s health and safety. We sincerely apologize to Sogetsu School for their preparations.

The date, venue and method for Ikebana Exhibition by Members for March may be changed observing the spread of coronavirus infection from now on. We will inform you as soon as possible.
I pray that we can get back to our normal lives and see each other very soon.

TFC President  Junko Katano


昨年 12 月 14 日のいけばなインターナショナルフェア 2021 は、約 1500 名の来場者がありましたが、 コロナ感染者も出さず無事に終了しました。また、大使館のバザーの収益金として 1,102,180 円をい ただきましたことをご報告いたします。これも、ひとえに皆様のご協力のおかげと感謝しております。 フェアのテープカットの動画、お家元の花展の YouTube 配信のリンクを、東京支部ホームページ、 Members ページに記載しております。どうぞご覧ください(https://ikebanatokyo.or.jp)

2 月例会は、2 月 9 日草月ホールにて、草月流本部講師の篠崎洵雅先生によるデモンストレーション を予定しておりましたが、コロナ感染拡大が再び始まっており、皆様の健康と安全を考えて中止する ことといたしました。ご準備を進めてくださっていた草月流には、心よりお詫び申し上げます。3 月 の会員による花展ですが、今後のコロナ感染拡大状況をみながら、開催日時、場所や方法の変更が 予想されます。改めてご連絡いたします。

東京支部長 片野 順子

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