February Monthly Meeting / 2月例会 2023

February Monthly Meeting / Ikebana Demonstration by  Sogetsu School

2月例会 / 草月流講師によるいけばなデモンストレーション

The February Monthly Meeting was held at the official residence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia by courtesy of Mme. Nuning Akhmadi, the spouse of the Ambassador.

Ms. Kazuko Nakada, the Master Instructor of the Sogetsu Headquarters gave the demonstration on the theme, ‘Joining the World together with Ikebana’.  Her ingenuity and vivid handling added color to the bright venue.

Following the demonstration, a fashion show was held to introduce the works of a designer,       Ms. Hatsumi Yoshida and Indonesian traditional costumes. Some TFC members walked the runway gracefully and lightly as its models.

Finally, the ambassadors’ wives arranged bundles of Anthurium and New Zealand flax made by    Ms. Kazuko Nakada in the colored bamboo artwork, and their final work, “Joining the World together with Ikebana”, was completed.

After the monthly meeting, Mme. Nunig Akhmadi hosted the hospitality tea time, which had been suspended for sometime due to the pandemic, and everyone had a happy and peaceful time.

2月例会は、駐日インドネシア共和国大使夫人 ヌニン アフマディ様のご厚意により、大使公邸にて、草月流本部講師 中田和子師範によるいけばなデモンストレーションが行われました。












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