Welfare project child care center souai-en 2013

ウェルフェアプロジェクト/茨城県土浦市 児童養護施設窓愛園

We visited the Child Care Center Souai-en in the wonderful environment of rural landscape and overlooking Mt. Tsukuba, and enjoyed Ikebana with twenty three children .T.F.C. members gave the demonstration, and we had the workshop. We shared the pleasure of touching flowers with the children. This time we were able to see children with beautiful smile and touch their innocent mind. We continue this project next year, and look forward to seeing children with smile again.

筑波山を望む素晴らしい環境にある児童養護施設 窓愛園で、デモンストレーションとワークショップを行い23名の子供たちと一緒にいけばなを楽しんで来ました。子供たちの笑顔と素直な気持ちに触れることが出来き、来期も子供たちの笑顔を楽しみに続けて行きたいと思います。

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