年: 2018年


The annual Ikebana International Fair was held on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 at Royal Park Hotel (Nihonbashi), under the auspices of Fair Chairperson Madam Matelda Starace, the wife of the Ambassador of Italy. A main feature was 35 ikebana arrangements by ikebana iemotos. The Royal Hall was filled with participants and guests from all over Japan visiting and enjoying embassy booths and international table of 27 embassies, and booths of I.I. HQs, domestic chapters and Tokyo Founding Chapter as well as participating shops. On the second floor, the Italian wine tasting was enjoyed by the participants. This year, the entertainment was the jewelry show by D’ELIA Company. At the beginning of the entertainment, Ms. Fujiko Hirai sang a song (piano by Ms. Reiko Sugimoto), and following that, the ambassadresses wearing the national costume appeared as models.
At the Ikebana International New Year Luncheon on January 16, 2019, hosted by Ikebana International Headquarters, the proceeds from the international booths and international table were donated to Hokkaido and Hiroshima which had been affected by the earthquake and heavy rain disasters in 2018. Mme. Matelda Starace, the wife of Italian Ambassador presented the donation amounting to 707,000 JPY each to Mr. Keiji Abe, the vice governor of Hokkaido and Mr. Masahiko Tanabe, the vice governor of Hiroshima who attended the donation ceremony. Also, Ms. Misako Ishii presented the donation to the Japan Times and Japan National Students Association at this occasion.

今年も恒例のいけばなインターナショナルフェアが12月19日(水)ロイヤルパークホテルで開催されました。今年度のフェア委員長は、イタリア大使夫人 マテルダ・スタレーチェ様が務められました。



各国大使館からの収益金は、1月16日、いけばなインターナショナルの新年会の贈呈式にて、広島県副知事 田邊昌彦様と北海道副知事 阿部啓二様に、それぞれ70万7千円が贈られました。また、石井支部長からジャパンタイムズと日本学生協会基金に寄付金が手渡されました。

Date: Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 11:30~15:30

場所:ロイヤルパークホテル 3F
Place: Royal Park Hotel 3F

地下鉄半蔵門線 水天宮前駅直結

Access: 2-1-1,Nihonbashikakigara,Chuo-ku,Tokyo
Subway: Suitengumae Station (Hanzomon line)

Tel: 03-3667-1111

Green campaign


As for the Green Campaign Project, TFC donated 50,000 yen to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for its project “Hospitality (Omotenashi) with Flowers and Green”.



Ikebana Exhibition

The Ikebana Exhibition by TFC members was held at KKR Hotel in Tokyo on 16th April 2018.
Many TFC members participated in this Flower Exhibition.
The ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted by I.I.Headquarters
President Ms.Diana Salansky and I.I.Tokyo Founding Chapter President Ms.Misako Ishii.
The Exhibition, attended by over 300 guests including Iemoto of the Ikebana School and the wives of the ambassadors, was a great success.
Many guests could enjoy the flower workshop and the White Elephant sale and the Bake sale were also successfully sold out.
Thank you very much for your support.



会員の花展作品はこちら Ikebana Photo Gallery

Coming-of-age ceremony by the youth’welfare center


The Coming-of-age Ceremony was held by the Youth’s Welfare Center at the Hotel Lungwood in Nippori on January 13, 2018. TFC has presented the bouquets to the youths ever year.

New adults expressed their gratitude for those who took care of them at the Youth’s Welfare Center and also expressed their future goals in a warm atmosphere.



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